Plastec Show: technotrans proves itself with highly efficient temperature control and cooling solutions for the US plastics industry

  • Water-based temperature control for temperatures up to 95 °C and flow rates up to 440 l/min
  • Temperature control system with maintenance-free ultrasonic flow measurement
  • eco.line: Energy savings of up to 92 percent compared to conventional solutions

Combining energy efficiency, precise temperature control and a high level of user convenience: at this year's Plastec West Show in Anaheim, technotrans showcased its further developed thermal management solutions for the plastics industry. The exhibits included the protemp flow 6 ultrasonic eco, a particularly energy-efficient temperature control unit with multiple water distribution system and maintenance-free ultrasonic flow measurement. In addition, technotrans displayed the teco cs 90t 9.1 temperature control unit with flow rates of 60 liters per minute in the temperature range of 95 degrees Celsius. The topics of energy efficiency, power density and flexibility were of particular interest at the booth.


“The demand for efficient technology is increasing noticeably in the USA. This was clearly evident from our presence at this year's trade show and the discussions we had with visitors. Climate protection and energy security are anchored in the US government’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), among other things. This places high demands on the thermal management, which is not only essential for the functionality but also for the efficiency of the plastics processing of these technologies," says Tom Carbery, Vice President Sales at technotrans america inc. "With our temperature control systems, we not only ensure the necessary precision in terms of temperature control, but also work in a uniquely energy-efficient manner and are equipped with innovative operating concepts."


One of these solutions is the protemp flow 6 ultrasonic eco presented at the booth. The temperature control unit with either direct or indirect cooling has a water distributor with up to six circuits and maintenance-free ultrasonic flow measurement. The flow rate and return temperature of each individual circuit are recorded and transmitted to the temperature control unit. As part of the eco.line series, the protemp flow ultrasonic eco is equipped with speed-controlled high-efficiency pumps. Compared to conventional technology with uncontrolled peripheral impeller pumps, the technotrans solutions enable annual electricity savings of up to 92 percent. In addition, the compact eco.line series has loss-free heat transfer using a long-life stainless steel heating cartridge as well as numerous interface and equipment options. Other features of the device include the innovative display and operating concept logotherm with a large multi-touch display.


With the teco cs 90t 9.1, technotrans also presented another space-saving and energy-efficient temperature control solution with indirect cooling. The exhibit is designed for flow rates of 60 liters per minute in a temperature range of 95 degrees Celsius - in the teco cs series, flow rates of up to 200 liters per minute in a temperature range of up to 180 degrees Celsius are possible. In the base.line product line, a device version with up to 9 kW heat output and simple operation via a membrane keyboard and 7-segment display is available. The high.line has a heating capacity of up to 36 kW as well as a logotherm display and control unit using a 7-inch multi-touch display.


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