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with technotrans.

With our customised solutions and intelligent systems, we lift the technology to new heights, expand our market penetration and create new potential for the future. How do we achieve this? By ensuring precise operation, a high level of efficiency and a long service life of the products of our customers based on a focused thermal management concept, thereby helping our customers to achieve lasting success in their respective market segments. 


power to transform.

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hidden heroes

Our customers' products often rely on components made by technotrans to reach their full potential in terms of their functionality. However, our thermal management products are not in the spotlight. They operate in a hidden manner, as this is what they are intended for: Precisely dimensioned to fit into the available space, they remain invisible when they are integrated into the enclosures of larger products. They are used in vehicles and charging stations, in production machinery and peripheral equipment, in huge data servers and delicate medical devices. 

custom made in Germany

The usual starting point for technotrans success stories is a difficult thermal problem. These challenges quickly spark our passion for the seemingly impossible. Do you need help in developing an entirely new technological concept? Do you have to overcome difficulties in boosting the performance of a module that needs to be as small and lightweight as possible? Do you want to outpace your competitors with a completely new level of performance?

Whatever your challenge is:

We will develop an optimum solution in close cooperation with you. It will have the level of performance that you need, the perfect size and shape for integration into your product and a level of precision and reliability that will further strengthen your success.

»100% precise, 100% reliable…
and perfectly integrated into our application.«

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for you. 

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»Let's face it: We didn`t know whether
it would actually work.

However, when technotrans presented
their solution, everybody said:

Yes, that's exactly what we had envisioned.«