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The technotrans share.

The technotrans share
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Registered shares

Establishment: 1970
IPO: 1998

Financial year: 01.01. - 31.12.
Share capital: 6.907.665,00€
Number of shares (total): 6.907.665
number of shares (free float): 6.907.665

Stock market: XETRA, Frankfurt
Designated Sponsor: Hauck & Aufhäuser

Index: Prime All Share 

Share price

Transparency and

The cornerstones of our
communication with the capital market

Maximum transparency

The shares of technotrans SE have been traded on the stock market since March 1998. As a company listed in the Prime Standard segment, we must meet the highest possible standards of transparency. These include quarterly financial reporting in German and English, publishing a corporate calendar, holding at least one Analysts Conference per year and publishing ad hoc information, including in English.

Absolute trust

The result of this open and comprehensible information policy is a relationship of trust with all capital market participants that is characterised by mutual respect. This has a very high priority for us.

Comprehensive information

We inform shareholders, analysts, media and the general public regularly and promptly in press releases and ad hoc information about our business performance and the situation of the company. All publications are also available on the internet.

In addition to the written reports, individual aspects are explained and questions answered in telephone conferences or face-to-face talks.

Direct communication

The shares of technotrans SE were converted from bearer to registered shares in October 2008. Since the changeover, we have been able to communicate directly with our company's shareholders. Having knowledge of the shareholder structure furthermore enables us to target our investor relations work even better.

An attractive

From industry specialist to diversified,
broadly positioned technology group


technotrans has successfully completed its transformation from an industry specialist to a diversified, broad-based technology group - and is vigorously driving this process forward. We are independent of the markets of the past, but we have already conquered the markets of the future. Whether it's e-mobility, medical technology or microelectronics: the pioneers and market leaders in these areas need precisely the expertise that technotrans has developed over decades. They need our experience, innovative strength and excellence in thermal management to realize their own innovations and ambitions. This spirit unites us with our strategic partners. And it will foster further alliances in the future.


With an intelligent growth strategy, technotrans has already established an outstanding market position. And the group is ideally positioned also for the future: With the forthcoming pooling of forces and a unified appearance under the technotrans brand, we will be even more visible in the market. Behind the new brand identity lies a bundled expertise that is unique in our industry: we are able to develop and build the best solution for every challenge in the thermal management sector. And we're not just good, we're fast, as we proved again during the 2020 pandemic with a cooling solution for the production of Corona rapid tests.

This power is our asset. And we will use it.


Our dividend policy

Our shareholders shall participate in the company's success through annual dividends and a positive value development. technotrans enables its shareholders to participate in the success of the business through a sustainable dividend payout. The distribution policy envisages paying out up to 50% of the consolidated net profit for the year and allocating the remainder to the company's reserves.

Note on the dividend for the financial year 2019

The original dividend proposal of €0.44 for the 2019 financial year was subsequently adjusted to €0.00 and approved by the Annual General Meeting. This was done due to the COVID-19 pandemic spreading in 2020 and potential disadvantages for the company in accessing short-time working benefits feared at the time.

The relevant ad hoc was published on April 30, 2020.

Shareholder structure

Voting rights attached to shares according to Sec. 33, 34 WpHG

The free float considered by Deutsche Börse in terms of index weighting was at 74.81 % most recently.

Voting rights

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Investor Relations

Frank Dernesch
Manager Investor Relations & Corporate Finance