Value creation
with sustainability.
That makes sense.


The group strategy focuses on sustained growth led by long-term profit. Ever since the company’s founding in 1970, we have combined long-term corporate success with economic, social and ecological responsibility. Sustainability is a significant strategic component for technotrans.

Sustainable business and the responsible use of limited resources are consistent with our strategic goals of:


+ aquiring new customers,
+ unlocking additional markets,
+ always having access to adequate financial recources,
+ positioning ourselves as an attractive employer.

Climate neutrality
until 2030

We have set this goal for all our locations worldwide.
The priorities are energy efficiency and renewable energies.

sustainability goals

Future Ready 2025

Our strategic sustainability goals

renewable resources
share 2025
reducing consumption of fuel
p.a. reduction
personnel development
p.a. increase
recycling quota
share 2025
min. female/divers
business model

You can find out more about our business model here.


As a globally active group, we are exposed to underlying conditions that are continually shifting. These also include comprehensive sustainability requirements from our stakeholders.


We respond by maintaining a transparent, constructive dialogue and by handling opportunities and risks responsibly. This enables us to assure the permanent success of our entrepreneurial activities.


An effective compliance and risk management system tailored to the group and an internal control system (ICS) not only comply with the legal requirements, but also help secure our entrepreneurial targets and therefore our long-term viability and competitiveness.


Sustainability is also pursued by our employees on a daily basis. The globally binding technotrans Code of Conduct ensures this. The principles of the UN Global Compact have been incorporated into this central compliance guideline of our group. technotrans has an effective compliance management system in accordance with DIN ISO 19600 to manage and monitor all statutory and company-specific regulations.

Risk management

A further major component of our sustainability strategy is the Group-wide risk management system based on DIN ISO 31000. This helps technotrans’ management to identify and respond to potential opportunities and risks early on. It involves regular, prompt reporting to the Board of Management, among other things.

Internal Control System

The accounting-related Internal Control System (ICS) ensures financial reporting in compliance with the law.


Klaus Beike
Head of Quality Management


On the one hand we believe relevant issues in the sphere of sustainability, and especially the environment, include those where they have high significance for our business success and where technotrans can contribute to a sustainable development.


On the other hand they extend to areas in which the activities of the technotrans Group have a major impact on sustainability aspects such as resources and the environment. The requirements of our stakeholders are highly relevant in that regard.


Environmental matters

The increasing economic output worldwide leads to a tendency of rising demand for resources. We therefore need innovations and technologies that reduce the consumption of materials and raw materials and thus protect the environment.

Based on many years of experience and extensive expertise in sustainable business, technotrans pursues the goal of working with its customers to develop innovative, resource-conserving solutions that reduce the CO₂ footprint.

As early as the product development stage, we attach particular importance to sustainability aspects such as energy efficiency or resource conservation. Our production is also becoming increasingly environmentally friendly. Two of our five production sites already achieve the high KfW 55 efficiency house standard.

We want to improve even more: According to our mid-term strategy, we want to obtain 100% of our electricity from renewable resources by 2025.

Employee interests

Committed employees with outstanding skills and abilities are the foundation of our success. Our employees can make a difference and are given support. This is reflected in a very low fluctuation rate and long-term connection with the company. Equal opportunities and diversity are a matter of course for us. We offer chances: We prefer to recruit our specialists and managers from our own staff.

With our attractive entry opportunities, we give young people and the company a future. As of  December 31, 2019, 124 apprentices were employed in the Group. Our trainee ratio is above the industry average.

Social matters

As a medium-sized company with an international network, we also feel an obligation to society. For this reason, we are involved locally at our locations in the form of projects and initiatives. This underscores our commitment to the regions in which we want to do business in the long term.

The focus of our social commitment varies from location to location and consists of both strategic cooperations and individual projects for employees. Social engagement activities are managed regionally in coordination with Group headquarters.

Corporate Governance

A clear commitment to sustainability and human rights: We are part of the UN Global Compact, the world's largest and most important initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate governance. Decisive factors for membership are the company's sustainable strategic orientation and its actions in line with ethical standards.

The principles of the UN Global Compact have long underpinned our actions, and we also want to build our future corporate success on high social standards and in harmony with environmental and climate protection.


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Combating corruption and bribery

Relations with all business partners are based on quality, reliability, competitive prices, and compliance with ecological and social standards. Compliance with these standards by all employees forms the basis of technotrans' excellent reputation in the procurement and sales markets and is therefore a key factor in winning new customers.

Every employee is obliged to report any form of bribery or attempted bribery directly to his or her manager. We are committed to 100% transparency and regularly monitor compliance with our globally applicable anti-corruption guideline. It is an integral part of our compliance management system. This is how we ensure integrity and legal compliance throughout the Group. At all times. Worldwide.

Respect for human rights

Equal opportunities, equal rights, fairness as well as mutual acceptance and tolerance characterise the corporate culture of the technotrans Group. We value diversity and differences both within our organisation and among our business partners.

Accordingly, we are committed to the protection of human rights, are committed to compliance with labour standards and clearly distance ourselves from child and forced labour. With our commitment to the Global Compact Initiative of the United Nations and the anchoring of these principles in the technotrans Code of Conduct, these rules are binding for all technotrans employees worldwide.

We also do not tolerate human rights violations at our service providers and suppliers. New suppliers to technotrans SE undergo a standardised assessment and are only accepted as business partners if the result is positive.

Detailed information on non-financial aspects can be found in our Sustainability Report 2022.

Sustainability Report

We are a member of the Blue Competence Initiative.                                                         

Blue Competence

IR and Corporate Finance

Frank Dernesch
Manager Investor Relations & Corporate Finance