Compressed air-free spray lubrication.
Highly precise dampening solution systems.

We at technotrans love precision. This is also reflected in our core competence: the pumping and spraying segment. Whether our products are used in metal processing, food production or in printing applications, a homogeneous spraying pattern increases the quality of our customers' products and ensures trouble-free production. One of the most recent innovations by technotrans is the compressed air-free spray lubrication system spray.xact – for mist-free production! Benefits: You can save costs, protect the environment and increase your economic efficiency.

The website for the new brand presence is currently being set up and will be updated on an ongoing basis. It will provide extensive information about our pumping and spraying products in the near future. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.

You can find detailed information concerning this subject matter on our existing website.


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Daniel Linder, Linder Tiefkühlbackwaren

»Thanks to the new compressed air-free spray lubrication system made by technotrans, we were able to reduce the release agent consumption by 30%.

In addition, the system prevents soiling of the production equipment so that there is no need for integrating an extraction system.

For us, the cooperation with technotrans is a huge success.«