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Together with our customers,
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Location: Baden-Baden

One brand.
Six strong
competence centers.

technotrans | Sassenberg

The specialist for fluid technology solutions with a strong competence in three fields: cooling and temperature control, filtration and separation as well as pumping and spraying systems. With innovative solutions tailored to specified installation situations, technotrans paves the way to the future for its customers.

gds | Sassenberg

Many years of experience in all fields of technical communication. gds is a full service provider of technical documentation with a strong focus on increasing the efficiency and optimising the processes of its customers.

technotrans | Baden-Baden

Maximum precision for applications in the laser and medical technology sector: technotrans at Baden-Baden is the ideal partner for the cooling and temperature control of sophisticated applications in small power ranges. Lean production of small batches with almost unlimited variety.

technotrans | Bad Doberan

High-performance cooling systems for industrial production processes: technotrans is your system partner with long-standing experience. Efficient cooling systems for energy and drive applications or customised concepts for laser and machine tools – technotrans always has the perfect solution.

technotrans | Meinerzhagen

Passion for the plastics processing industry: The solutions of technotrans cover the entire production process of plastic products – from the cooling system and a temperature control concept up to a water preparation solution.

technotrans | Holzwickede

Outstanding process cooling solutions, including the control systems, peripheral equipment and infrastructure: technotrans at Holzwickede stands for high-performance cooling solutions, covering a wide power range – optimally adapted to all types of production scenarios.


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technotrans tomorrow

Future Ready 2025

The technotrans group comprises five innovative competence centres under a single umbrella brand. Each of these centres is a renowned specialist in the field of thermal management. This also includes gds, the expert for technical documentation.

Together, they we are a highly diversified technology partner full of energy and excellence.

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technotrans tomorrow

A look
into the future.

Follow the instinct

We have always had our sights set on the future. Pioneering product developments and technical innovations are proof of this. But we know: the most exciting challenges and innovations still lie ahead.

In the future the technotrans group will unify five high-performance companies under a single umbrella brand. As an expert in technical documentation, gds complements the portfolio of specialists. Thus, innovative solutions to fulfil current and future requirements are created together.

The most important thing however, are the specific characteristics of the people working at technotrans: the right instinct for what the market will need in the future as well as the abbility to identify technical potential and to create particularly efficient and sustainable production process ensuring top quality results.

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Responsible forward

Changing, but preserving. Acting purposefully but sustainably. This is not a contradiction for technotans.

One of the greatest challenges and obligations of our time is the sustainable and responsible conduct of business. This also includes the protection of the environment and the responsible use of resources. However, for us at technotrans the concept of sustainability goes even further. 

We consider the fair and empathic treatmentof our employees to be an essential cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We want our employees to feel comfortable at technotrans so that they can grow both as people and as professionals. Stable, long-term employment relationships create security for both sides and help us to keep valuable expertise within the company. 

technotrans success story

 long term growth path

technotrans chronicle

From Westphalia into the world:

A 50-year
success story.

Umbrella brand strategy successfully implemented - locations merged and renamed.

Formation of the technotrans umbrella brand - new claim: power to transform.

New strategy "Future Ready 2025". technotrans sets course for the future.

Acquisition of Reisner Cooling Solutions GmbH

Acquisition of Reisner Cooling Solutions GmbH

Acquisition of gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH

Cooperation with Termotek AG, resulting in entry into the laser market.

Further dynamic expansion and diversification of technotrans as the result of the foundation of several subsidiaries and multiple takeovers.

technotrans goes public.

The system components concept for the peripheral equipment of printing presses is a huge success. technotrans becomes an original equipment manufacturer for several leading printing press manufacturers worldwide.

Presentation of the first ink temperature control systems.

Development of the first dampening solution circulators withtechnotrans remaining among the three most important suppliers worldwide until 1990.

Foundation of the technotrans group.