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Strategy of profitable growth// The declared objective of our "Future Ready 2025" strategy is balanced growth in revenue and earnings.


With revenue growth averaging 6 to 9 percent (CAGR), we are aiming for consolidated revenue of between € 265-285 million in the 2025 financial year. The target for the Group EBIT margin is between 9 and 12 percent.


Additional growth potential will be tapped through targeted company acquisitions, as long as they are a strategic fit and support our medium-term goals by 2025.

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Core competence thermal management

Our core competence makes numerous industrial processes possible. Now and in the future. Precise temperature control through accurate heating and cooling is a basic prerequisite for many industrial processes. For example, the right temperature plays a decisive role in the production and processing of innovative materials in the plastics processing industry. But also trend-setting technological advances in e-mobility, medical or the semiconductor technology are based on perfectly coordinated thermal management.

Technology and quality leadership

Our mission is our daily motivation: "Together with our customers, we create the innovations of tomorrow." technotrans solutions ensure the energy optimisation and control of the temperature balance of demanding technological applications and ensure safe processes and long service lives. For and with our customers, we continuously develop systems that offer high precision and reliability and thus contribute significantly to economic efficiency.

market position

We have been a technology partner to the printing industry for more than 50 years, and as a result we are now the global market leader. Building on our many years of experience in the field of thermal management, we have steadily expanded our customer base and our market position. In the field of e-mobility for rail vehicles, for example, we are regarded as the European leader. But the name technotrans also has a global reputation in applications for the plastics processing industry and in the operation of ultra-precision high-performance lasers. With its comprehensive range of products from hot to cold, small to large, standard to customised, one-off to series production, we are the right partner for every technical challenge.

customer base

Numerous customers from different industries value our comprehensive expertise in the field of thermal management. Today, technotrans is active in the plastics processing, printing, energy management (including e-mobility and data centers), laser and machine tool industries, healthcare & analytics, metal processing and food industries, among others. With our cross-industry technology transfer, we create real added value for the customer.


We take care of our customers. Even on a global scale. We ensure this through our comprehensive international sales and service network with 18 locations - 10 of them outside Germany. And that's not all: we also have local production sites in the USA and China.

Commitment to

We do not pay lip service to sustainability. It is firmly anchored in the Code of Conduct of all our employees and is put into practice every day. Two out of five production sites in Germany now meet the "KfW 55 efficiency house standard". We also want to keep improving in this area. For this reason, we have set strategic sustainability targets to continuously reduce our CO2 footprint. By 2025 at the latest, we will obtain the Group's entire electricity consumption exclusively from renewable resources and will only use packaging material that is 100 percent recyclable.


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dividend policy

We want our shareholders to participate in the company's success through regular annual dividends and a positive value development. Based on our sustainable dividend policy our shareholders participate in the company's success. This policy allows us to distribution up to 50 percent of the Group's net profit for the year.

Future Ready 2025


Michael Finger, technotrans CEO explains the »strategy 2025«
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