How technotrans saves lives
and preserves the
quality of life.

Scenario 1// It's 10:45 am on a normal Tuesday in Munich, Germany. In an ophthalmic clinic, a surgeon enters the operating room to treat the cataract of his patient by way of a minimally invasive laser procedure.

Scenario 2// At the same time in Bristol, UK: At Bristol Royal Infirmary, which is part of University Hospitals Bristol, a new blood cooling technology is used for the very first time. Excitement reigns in the operating room: Will the innovative technology be a success?

Scenario 3// At the same time, a young woman enters a dermatological practice in Cologne, Germany which has been recommended by a friend. She has decided to remove the tattoo on her upper arm. Today is the day.

[Translate to Englisch:] Laserstrahl der in ein Auge lasert

What links these three scenarios?

These three cities are hundreds of kilometres apart. Yet there is a connection between the events taking place there: Each of the three procedures relies on a customised, reliable cooling solution. Without precise cooling, keeping the laser in check would not be possible. This applies to all medical fields and not only to the above-mentioned ophthalmic or dermatological examples.

Unlike laser cooling, the cooling of blood during surgery is still not an everyday occurrence. Find out how technotrans participated in the development of this groundbreaking technology.

The expertise of technotrans // When the health and quality of life of people are at risk, maximum precision and safety are a must. What is possible from a medical point of view often depends on the available cooling technology. technotrans faces up to this responsibility and has already paved the way for many medical technologies with its innovations. This is now also the case with Mr. Frosty.


In 2020, technotrans launched a pioneering blood cooling system named Mr. Frosty which the company had developed in close cooperation with a technology partner. The system sets new standards in view of its hygienic design and precise temperature control – two important factors for medical equipment.

»Developing a cooling system for
production machines is one thing.
Developing it for operations on humans -
that´s something quite different.«



Properties and functions

Mr. Frosty is a cooling system that fulfils the requirements to the fullest extent. It consists of a heating and cooling unit, a bacteriostatic fluid, several sterile heat exchangers and the so-called igloo chiller. The latter naturally meets the strict specifications for charging the heating/cooling unit.

With Mr. Frosty, the blood of the patient circulates within the system and is cooled down to a temperature between 28°C and 18°C. Thanks to the single-use heat exchangers, any contamination of the blood is excluded. The blood of the patient does not come into contact with any components that need to be cleaned or that are used multiple times, which ensures ideal protection against germs. Jan Kröger, managing director of technotrans, adds: „Thanks to its noiseless design and high level of energy efficiency, Mr. Frosty is perfect for use in medical applications.“ 

The cooling system passed its debut with flying colours. During the first surgical intervention, a cardiopulmonary bypass, Mr. Frosty impressed the surgeons with its high level of precision and ease of use.


Driving force and innovator

Leading specialist in thermal management

In the laser cooling sector, technotrans has firmly established itself as an innovator and source of ideas. As a leading specialist in the thermal management field, technotrans can provide cooling solutions for all types of lasers whether they are used for diagnostic purposes or for therapies. The patient at the ophthalmic clinic in Munich clearly benefits from this approach: Thanks to the precise cooling of the laser, the surgeon can perform the intervention with a high level of accuracy and control, thereby considerably improving the patient's eyesight. The young woman in Cologne will also benefit from the technology made by technotrans. Her dermatologist will remove the tattoo as gently as possible with a highly precise laser.

Innovative drive

Technology leader in laser cooling

technotrans develops customised solutions with a minimum footprint and can even design the cooling systems straight away in line with the space that is available in the medical equipment for which they are intended. The company does all this with a strong focus on precision, availability and safety. Based on many years of research, development and fulfilment experience, technotrans has become a leading technology supplier in the field of laser cooling.

Our strong commitment to innovation has already opened up new possible applications. At present, technotrans is working on brain cooling systems. Peter Hirsch, a member of the board of management of technotrans, explains: „After a stroke, the activity of the brain can be reduced by cooling the structures close to the brain. This, in turn, reduces the risk of lasting collateral damage, e.g. paralyses, and increases the likelihood of complete recovery.“

Although the development phase at technotrans is nearly completed, the medical world still needs to be patient and wait for the approval of the system. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing in the eyes of Peter Hirsch: „Due to the high safety standards, necessary verifications and extensive medical approval process, projects like this offer the potential for long-term customer engagement in view of the product cycle time. At the same time, these projects are highly profitable.“ He thoughtfully adds: „I just hope that none of us must rely on this technology for medical reasons. However, if we do, we will be glad to have it.“

»When health and quality of
life of people are at risk,
maximum precision and
safety are a must«


Jan Kröger
Managing Director technotrans systems

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