The use of an individual technotrans spraying system improves product quality and saves energy and resources.

The challenge// Precise, even and mist-free water application during the production of pastries


Especially in the production of gluten-free gingerbread, it was crucial to ensure a consistent supply of moisture in order to achieve the desired soft consistency. A precise, continuous and mist-free application of water during the production of pastries as well as a high degree of reproducibility brought technotrans' technology into play for the customer. The previous spraying system with two-substance nozzles could not meet these requirements and led to inconsistent water application and unwanted water vapor in the production environment.


Coppenrath Feingebäck | Confiserie Mellinia


The family bakery Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH, based in Groß Hesepe, has been producing high-quality products for almost 200 years, which are now available in more than 60 countries around the world. For the company, now run by Andreas Coppenrath in the sixth generation, quality and the environmentally conscious and energy-efficient production of its products are of particular importance. For this reason, the baked goods manufacturer continuously invests in optimizing its systems and processes. This claim applies not only to the main plant, but also to the Coppenrath subsidiary Confiserie Mellinia GmbH in Großröhrsdorf. When the traditional bakery near Dresden was looking for a new spraying system for its largest baking line, it found the ideal partner in technotrans, who designed an application-specific solution.

The innovative strength of technotrans //In close cooperation with Coppenrath Feingebäck and its subsidiary Mellinia, technotrans has developed a customized spraying system based on the spray.xact food series. Extensive laboratory tests were carried out beforehand in order to precisely understand the requirements of Coppenrath Feingebäck and to offer the best possible solution. By taking into account the individual needs of Coppenrath Feingebäck and Mellinia and providing a technically high-quality solution, technotrans has once again underlined its position as a competent partner for the food industry.

mobile system solution for precise,
compressed air and mist-free water application

The advantages at a

Mobile version

The system is fully mobile and has swivel spray bars, which increases flexibility in production and facilitates access for cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance-friendly design

The system is designed to be easy to maintain, whereby the spray valves can be completely dismantled and are easy to clean. The software has a special flushing program for cleaning the system.

Protective devices

The control panel is equipped with a splash guard to ensure operation even in damp environments. All edges on the tank are rounded to prevent injuries.

Waterproof design

The entire system is designed to be watertight to prevent corrosion and damage caused by moisture.

The technology used by technotrans comprises a customized spraying system based on the spray.xact food series.

The system has two spray bars set one behind the other with a spray width of 1,000 millimetres to apply the required amount of liquid evenly by means of pre- and main humidification, using high-frequency valves to ensure precise and homogeneous humidification. The system operates without compressed air and thus avoids the formation of water mist. By using minimal amounts of water, the system saves resources and ensures precise humidity control via the control panel. The system is also equipped with a fill level sensor to monitor the water level in the tank. The system is mobile, which ensures flexibility in production. Furthermore, the system is designed to be easy to maintain and clean, with the spray valves being completely removable and the software offering a special rinsing program for cleaning.


technotrans spraying systems offer user-friendly operation, simple maintenance options and reliable protection against external influences such as moisture.


Precision saves resources and increases production quality // Thanks to the precise, compressed air and mist-free water application, Mellinia saves around 30 percent water and prevents unwanted deposits in the production environment.

Successful integration of innovative spray technology


After the successful cooperation with technotrans and the positive results of the commissioning, Coppenrath Feingebäck draws a positive conclusion.

"The professionalism and the constructive exchange with the service department were very good. technotrans responded specifically to our needs and integrated its spraying system perfectly into our existing systems," emphasizes Reher.

The satisfaction is also reflected in the expansion of the cooperation: Coppenrath Feingebäck has already ordered two more spraying systems for the application of a plant-based release agent. Additional systems, for example for spraying products with egg, are also being planned.

» The result convinced us. In a direct comparison with the competition, technotrans was the only provider that was able to fully meet our requirements! «
Michael Reher, Product Development at Coppenrath Feingebäck

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