Modular solution for the preparation and filtration of cooling lubricants

The toolsmart.line is a compact and modular solution for the preparation of cooling lubricants. It is characterised by its space-saving design and its ability to control numerous processes by way of a single control system. As a result, one single cooling system can supply several different manufacturing areas, for example. The result is a cost-efficient, resource-saving solution.

The heart of the toolsmart system is the filtration system. There are several different filtration modules for full flow, partial flow or bypass applications that can be combined as needed. The product portfolio ranges from the basic system up to the flexible toolsmart.xt unit with a tank capacity of up to 4,000 litres and a filtration rate of up to 750 l/min.

The toolsmart.cp is a combined spindle, control cabinet and cooling lubricant cooling system in a single unit. The modules are used in a central or distributed manner for a wide range of processes and can be complemented with additional components, including a temperature control unit or skimmer.

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Benefits at a glance
  • Cooling lubricant preparation system for 1 or 2 processing centres
  • Compact design
  • Combination of different filtration systems (multi-level filtration down to < 5 μm)
  • Suitable for the machining of steel, aluminium, cast iron, glass, ceramics, CFRP and graphite
  • Different tank sizes and pumps depending on the requirements
  • Cooling capacity up to 20 kW
  • High level of user and service friendliness
  • Numerous equipment options, including a refilling system, skimmer, etc.
  • toolsmart.cp:
    • High-quality filtration < 5 µm
    • Tank capacities up to 300 litres
    • Filtration rate up to 100 l/min.
    • Multi-level filtration
    • Dual-function refrigeration compressor
    • Tank capacities up to 4,000 litres
    • Filtration rate up to 600 l/min.
    • Immersion cooler with up to 17 kW
  • toolsmart.xt:
    • Preparation system for 1 or 2 machines
    • Compact design with a cabinet/tank combination
    • Tank capacities up to 1,400 litres
    • Filtration rate up to 450 l/min.
    • Dual-function refrigeration compressor for cooling and heating with a capacity up to 10 kW