spray.xact food

Efficient spray lubrication for the food industry

spray.xact food is a high-performance, technically advanced spraying system for low-mist, precise and economically efficient application of media. The solution is an enhancement of the system based on the proven technotrans spraying technology originally used in punching and forming applications.

It has been specifically tailored to the requirements of food producers. Conventional compressed-air operated systems are often associated with the generation of aerosols which are inhaled by employees and accumulate as deposits in the production environment if extraction systems are not used. spray.xact food enables users to prevent these problems: The temperature-controlled valves ensure optimum viscosity of the applied medium by means of precise temperature control. In addition, the unit offers outstanding flexibility.

All the relevant parameter settings, from the temperature to the spraying quantity, can be adjusted to actual requirements by the user on each individual spray valve. Moreover, spray.xact food is also available as a mobile version.

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Benefits at a glance
  • Low-mist to mist-free application of media
  • Prevention of unwanted oil deposits in the production environment
  • Reduced cleaning requirements thanks to considerably reduced level of soiling
  • Improved working conditions and protection of the health of employees
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient and resource-saving
  • Lower capital investment and maintenance requirements since there is no need for a compressed air and extraction system
  • Process reliability and control
  • Easy to integrate in complete systems
  • All the relevant parameter settings can be adjusted to actual requirements
  • Spraying of liquids in a wide range of viscosities using heatable and non-temperature-controlled valves, e.g. oils, emulsions, drinking water, sugary and starchy media, liquid egg, and much more besides.
  • Even application of liquids to end products, moulds, metal sheets and all conveying systems
  • Designed for production processes with high speeds
  • Meets the conditions for use in the food industry
  • Also available as a mobile version