ECOtec.chiller xtend

Thermal management solution with an outstanding energy efficiency and adaptability

The xtend.line is the highly flexible variant of the new modular ECOtec.chiller. Its area of application includes all types of processes where the temperature and fluids play an important role – regardless of the industry.

Thanks to numerous equipment options, the thermal management solution can be specifically adapted to a wide range of requirements, e.g. by way of additional cooling circuits, media or an outdoor option. However, the xtend.line does not only offer a high level of flexibility. Its energy efficiency and power density are also noteworthy.

The refrigeration consumption is up to 60% lower than with conventional solutions. Depending on the ambient temperature, the unit automatically adjusts the optimum operating point (SEPR value) of the complete system in terms of its energy efficiency. The result: cost savings and a reduced CO2 footprint. Another striking feature of the solution is its high level of operational reliability: Additional sensor systems in the refrigeration circuit as well as in the cooling medium circuit ensure continuous process monitoring.

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Benefits at a glance
  • Perfect adaptability to all kinds of cooling and temperature control situations
  • Speed control of all active components
  • Highest energy efficiency class showcased by SEPR values as per the Ecodesign Directive
  • High level of process and operational reliability
  • Low level of vibration and low noise emissions
  • Refrigerant consumption reduced by up to 60% thanks the microchannel technology
  • Intuitive, easy navigation via the multi-touch display
  • Operating costs reduction (up to 30% during partial load operation)
  • Process medium temperature between 0°C and 35°C
  • Ambient temperature between -25°C and 50°C
  • Refrigerant R 410A
  • Inverter technology for pumps, compressors and fans
  • Control accuracy up to +/- 0.5 K
  • Several cooling circuits are possible
  • Indoor and outdoor setup
  • Additional options:
    • Increased control accuracy up to +/- 0.1 K
    • Active heating for quick operational readiness
    • Alternative current, voltage and frequency variants
    • UL main components/approval
    • Different types of cooling media (water/glycol, deionised water, etc.)
    • Integrated media filtration
    • Boosted pumps
    • Radial fan
    • Outdoor setup (extended temperature range)