Precise dampening solution dosing system with a pneumatic piston pump

Consistent, high dampening solution quality is essential for alcohol-reduced or alcohol-free printing. digidos.p is a precise dampening solution dosing system that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of IPA-reduced or IPA-free offset printing applications.

The control system continuously determines the necessary number of strokes of the pneumatic piston pump based on the incoming amount of fresh water and the specified target concentration. This pump has been specifically developed for the precise addition of dampening solution additives. It stands out due its chemical-resistant and elastomer-free design with minimum manufacturing tolerances. The integrated monitoring system ensures a particularly high level of operational reliability.

If desired, the digidos.p system can be upgraded, e.g. by adding a conductivity measuring system.

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Benefits at a glance
  • Very high, reproducible dosing accuracy due to:
    • Exacting manufacturing tolerances
    • High-quality water meter
    • Independence from the additive viscosity and suction head
  • Very high operational reliability due to its robust design
  • Chemical-resistant and elastomer-free materials
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Customisable, flexible and retrofittable solution
  • Precise measurement and control of all the parameters
  • Mixing capacity from 200 l/h up to 2,520 l/h
  • Dosing accuracy: ± 0.1% by volume under nominal conditions
  • Concentrate viscosity: 1 to 20 mPas
  • Compressed air consumption: 20 l/min. max. at 4 bar per dosing pump
  • Measurement and recording of consumption data, optionally also for IPA
  • Integration in a technotrans dampening solution circulator control system or connection to a control station
  • Optional addition of a dosing system for a second additive, e.g. an IPA substitute or silicone concentrate
  • Optional addition of a system for measuring the conductivity of the fresh water and/or final preparation
  • Optional use as a self-sustaining unit, e.g. for retrofitting