Effective cross-flow filtration system for spray dampening systems

The dampening solution quality has a direct effect on the process stability – especially when spray dampening units are used. The high-performance cross-flow filtration system delta.f ensures ideal conditions for the use of spray dampening systems such as the efficient deltaspray.line.

Thanks to the high filtration quality of the ceramic membrane (0.1 µm), even oily contaminants can be separated reliably. In addition, the drip and reflective water from the spray dampening systems is cleaned and fed back into the circuit, resulting in reduced dampening solution waste, disposal costs and costs for fresh additives.

The backflushing of the membrane with permeate prevents the dampening solution from being contaminated or diluted as is the case with other conventional systems. The circuit itself remains completely unaffected by the fully automatic backflushing process – algae and other pathogens are eliminated.

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Benefits at a glance
  • Optimum filtration quality for a high level of process reliability
  • Maximum press availability
  • Reduced need for cleaning and maintenance of the entire system
  • No need for consumables thanks to ceramic membranes
  • Reduced costs for consumables and disposal
  • Clean dampening solution and a clean system at all times
  • Easy integration into the bypass
  • Separation of oily contaminants is possible
  • Cross-flow filtration system
  • Operation in a bypass
  • Filters with ceramic membranes