Reliable water preparation with a reverse osmosis membrane

Consistent, high water quality is a must for good printing results. The alpha.line reverse osmosis units ensure perfect water preparation and, thereby, the long-lasting optimisation of the printing process. In addition, they reduce the use of additives and alcohol as well as the risk of limescale, pH fluctuations and roller stripping.

Another advantage of the alpha.line systems is their outstanding flexibility: They can be adapted to specific applications in terms of their output and size. Depending on the actual equipment, between 1,000 and 6,000 litres of water can be prepared every day, either in the form of a central water system or by connecting the units directly to the dampening solution circulation systems of the printing presses. The modularity of the alpha.r units is supported by the fact that these units can be freely combined with different tank systems.

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Benefits at a glance
  • Demand-based water preparation with different output values
  • Modular design for maximum configuration flexibility
  • Daily preparation of 1,000 (alpha.r 10) to 6,000 (alpha.r 60) litres of water, depending on the actual equipment
  • Full control of the water quality to ensure high printing quality
  • Reduced alcohol and additive consumption
  • Demand-based, field-proven equipment options
  • Compact design and small footprint
  • Easy installation
  • For sheet-fed and rotary printing applications
  • Functional, compact cabinet
  • Combined prefiltration using activated carbon
  • Double water softening unit
  • 200 l membrane pressure tank
  • High-pressure pump
  • Reverse osmosis membrane with concentrate recirculation
  • Conductivity measurement system with a display
  • Hardness-increasing doser of the fluidos type
  • Pump tank with pressure control or a membrane pressure tank (with optional UV disinfection)