Use of natural refrigerants: New technotrans cooling systems more efficient and future-proof

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 in all cooling system innovations
  • High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) with powerful cooling performance
  • New chilled water temperature control unit as an alternative to air-cooled compact chillers

At this year's Fakuma, technotrans is presenting new cooling systems using the natural refrigerant R290. These innovations are environmentally friendly and offer high cooling performance. What's more, thanks to intelligent components, users benefit from high energy efficiency and operational reliability. Additionally, technotrans is showcasing a heat pump that allows for the efficient removal of waste heat from production machinery, thus saving heating energy. Both technotrans' heat pump technology and other systems are eligible for government subsidies.

"For effective environmental protection, resource-saving and at the same time high-performance technologies are indispensable," says Nicolai Küls, Managing Director of technotrans solutions GmbH. "With our new cooling solutions, we are able to offer energy-efficient thermal management that meets the high application-specific requirements of our customers." The technotrans cooling systems for the plastics industry that the company is presenting at this year's Fakuma are also the result of cross-location synergy effects and the pooling of technological expertise, Küls emphasises.

The central element of the new technotrans cooling system series is the use of the natural refrigerant R290, which has similar pressure levels and cooling capacities to conventional refrigerants. Furthermore, it is characterised by excellent thermodynamic properties, does not break down ozone and has a very low global warming potential. Systems using this refrigerant are future-proof, as they are not affected by F-gas regulation and the associated restrictions on use.

Energy-efficient operation in all performance classes
The chiller series is available with cooling capacities from 100 to 1,500 kW. The use of an electronic expansion valve in combination with a continuously variable screw compressor ensures a sliding condensation temperature control of the refrigeration circuits. "This means that the system always runs at the most efficient level of efficiency, depending on the outside temperature," explains Küls. The energy efficiency of the chillers is expressed in the particularly high EER value of 7.5. It indicates the ratio of the cooling power output to the drive power expended - the higher the value, the more efficient the system. At the same time, the solutions offer a high degree of flexibility: technotrans offers a water-cooled version with a plate condenser or an air-cooled variant for outdoor installation with EC fans. In addition, the machines could be equipped with Siemens PLC control.

Heat pump with complete service package
The heat pump that technotrans is presenting at the international trade fair in Friedrichshafen is also based on the climate-friendly R290. It is used to dissipate waste heat from production machinery and save heating energy. The heat pump features high-quality technology components such as the Modulcontrol control system and a conveniently operated touch panel. "A safety chain with gas warning system, automatic shutdown and lightning protection for outdoor installation ensures reliable operation," says Küls. technotrans offers users a complete solution package for its heat pump from a single source: from consulting to project planning and installation.

Cold water temperature control unit as an alternative to air-cooled compact chillers
Another innovation is the teco cw series of cold water temperature control units, which will be operated in a live application on the Reinhardt Technik stand at Fakuma. This series also uses R290 as a refrigerant. technotrans has integrated the systems into the housing concept of its temperature control unit series in order to create a uniform appearance and uniform operating structures.

The most important innovation of the mobile system: it is connected to the machine cooling system in a similar way to a conventional temperature control unit, which eliminates the usual warm exhaust air from air-cooled compact chillers in the production hall. "Users benefit not only from the uncomplicated installation, but above all from shorter cycle times and better moulded part quality," emphasises Küls.

technotrans will be exhibiting at Fakuma 2023 from October 17 to 21 in Hall B1, Stand B1-1205.

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