Unified housing and control concept: technotrans launches new temperature control unit series

  • Reduced variety of versions and increased clarity
  • Smaller footprint and improved ease of operation and service
  • Modular water temperature control units wd flex and wi flex

Clear structures in the product portfolio: technotrans is introducing its compact teco temperature control units with a new design and a uniform appearance to the market. The revised housing concept is characterized by a reduced footprint and high ease of operation and service, among other things. There are four series of units available in various performance levels and configurations, including an economical all-in-one solution with the teco base.line se. Additionally, technotrans is expanding its product range with the modular water temperature control units wd flex and wi flex. The energy-efficient solutions for the plastics processing industry will be showcased by the company for the first time at this year's Fakuma.


"With a unified housing and control concept and a reduction in the variety of versions, we are providing more clarity and structure in our product offering," explains Nicolai Küls, Managing Director of technotrans solutions GmbH. A total of four teco series have been redesigned: base.line, high.line, eco.line, and flex.line. The base.line comprises economical units that, in terms of efficiency and ease of operation, align with the existing market standard with peripheral wheel pumps. New to this product line is the "se" version as a cost-effective all-in-one solution, which is also available as a bifrequency variant with 75 kW cooling capacity. This allows the units to be used worldwide with different power voltages, offering maximum flexibility.


The high.line series is also an investment cost-optimized range, but it is designed for a higher market standard in terms of efficiency and ease of operation, with peripheral wheel or centrifugal pumps. The top-of-the-line equipment is the eco.line: It sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency and ease of operation with variable-speed peripheral wheel and centrifugal pumps combined with the ecoAnalyzer. The flex.line units offer a particularly high degree of flexibility, with numerous different unit configurations allowing for individual and customer-specific variants. In addition, users can also opt for highly standardized units with temperatures ranging from 95°C to 180°C, heating capacities from 9 kW to 36 kW, and flow rates from 60 l/min to 230 l/min.


The temperature control units in the new series combine a small footprint with comparatively high cooling capacities, while the swiveling control cabinet front ensures optimal accessibility. Analog and serial interface ports for all common communication standards such as OPC UA, Profibus, or Profinet are located on the unit fronts.


Modular kit meets individual customer requirements flexibly

Highly flexible from a standard kit: With the new water temperature control units wd flex (directly cooled) and wi flex (indirectly cooled), technotrans is expanding its product portfolio with two more high-performance unit series. "The basis is an extensive and standardized modular kit that allows us to respond flexibly to individual customer requirements," says Küls. Additionally, the modular concept enables short lead times for custom-configured temperature control units. Features include an intuitive 7-inch multitouch display and numerous options such as the Pump Efficiency Module (PEM), an innovative system with variable-speed pump and visualization using ecoAnalyzer, which is already successfully integrated into the eco.line units as standard.


Advanced multi-circuit water distribution system

technotrans has also enhanced the itd evo multi-circuit water distribution system, specifically designed for control integration with temperature control units featuring 7-inch multitouch displays. It offers the option of low-maintenance vortex measurement or maintenance-free ultrasonic flow measurement. The water distributor can be attached to the temperature control unit, a stand, or directly to the consumer, such as the injection molding tool or the machine clamping plate. Due to the innovative control integration in the temperature control unit, an additional display is not necessary. Retrofitting via plug & play is easily possible at any time. Up to a maximum of six circuits per distribution module are possible with itd evo, and multiple distribution modules can be combined for a higher number of circuits.


Intelligent assistant for energy management

For optimized energy management when using the PEM, the ecoAnalyzer, an intelligent add-on within the 7-inch multitouch display, ensures this. Users can easily access all essential efficiency data, such as energy savings balance and trends, as well as current power consumption and savings, with a single click.


technotrans will be exhibiting at Fakuma 2023 from October 17th to 21st in Hall B1, Booth B1-1205.


For more information, visit: www.technotrans.com.