Trade fair success for technotrans: Precise temperature control solutions for automotive applications generate a lot of interest

  • Systems for a temperature range of -80°C to +400°C
  • Reciprocating processor with stepless power control
  • High temperature control accuracy thanks to exact volume flow control

From bitter cold to scorching heat – vehicle components must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and strong fluctuations. technotrans develops the technology for corresponding test stands. The specialist for thermal management solutions will present its high-performance, energy-efficient temperature control systems for a wide range of temperature simulations at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart on 21-23 June 2022. The units with a particularly high level of temperature precision offer a temperature range of -80°C to +400°C. As customised solutions, they can be used for testing a variety of components, e.g. engines or electronic power modules, as well as for the simulation of cooling circuits.


"With our specific temperature control solutions, we have been a successful player in the automotive testing sector for several years. Our aim is to expand our activities in this area based on our unique expertise in the thermal management and electromobility fields. We have come one step closer to this goal with this year's trade fair participation and the positive feedback we received from the visitors," says Michael Birkhofer, Key Account Manager at technotrans solutions GmbH in Meinerzhagen. Major interest was garnered by a compact temperature control system of the weco series, which was presented at the technotrans trade fair stand. This series is characterised by its precise temperature, ease of use and high energy efficiency.


However, the focus of the presentation was on the application-specific solution competence of technotrans as a thermal management expert. The company offers its customers bespoke systems with a temperature range of -80°C to +400°C that are suitable for all types of standard media on the process side and can be used with environmentally friendly refrigerants with a low global warming potential (GWP). "We are highly flexible as far as the configuration of our devices are concerned. This not only applies to the necessary heating and cooling capacities, but also the wide range of equipment options such as redundant duty pumps or different types of materials," explains Michael Birkhofer.


Performance and sustainability in perfect harmony 

The cooling and temperature control units made by technotrans offer adjustable temperature ramps for cooling and heating. As a result, they are perfectly suitable for a range of component stress tests as well as for the simulation of component lifecycles. Thanks to their frequency-controlled pumps, the units are extremely energy-efficient and they perfectly adapt themselves to the actual power requirements of the application in question. Coriolis flowmeters and a three-way valve enable outstanding volume flow precision and control – even at a low flow rate of only 1 l/min.


The areas of application are manifold: From test chambers and controlled environments up to the selective testing of individual vehicle components, such as engines, electronic power modules and fuel tanks. "Our technology is crucial for the development of a multitude of vehicle components. Vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers need precise tests with cooling and temperature control systems to ensure the functionality and durability of their components," explains Michael Birkhofer.