Thermal management system for megawatt charging systems: technotrans celebrates its premiere at the EV Trend Korea

  • Efficient thermal management for HPC and MCS charging stations
  • zeta.road mobile high-voltage battery cooling system up to 850 V DC
  • Application-specific complete thermal management

Trade fair premiere in the South Korean market: technotrans SE is showcasing its mobile and stationary thermal management solutions for electromobility applications at this year’s Electro Vehicle Trend in Seoul. The highlight of the presentation will be efficient cooling modules for integration in stationary charging systems (megawatt charging and high power charging systems – HPC and MCS). In addition, technotrans will also be presenting its zeta.road mobile high-voltage battery cooling system for operating voltages of up to 850 V DC, for which there is no need for an additional voltage transformer.


“Thanks to our experience and technological leadership in the field of e-mobility thermal management, we are the ideal partner for Asian companies looking to gain a foothold in the European market,” says Sascha Koller, Sales Manager at technotrans. “Moreover, with our site in the Chinese city of Taicang we also offer engineering as well as production from a single source for the Asian market.”


On exhibition from technotrans on its trade fair stand is the cooling system, a compact and reliable solution for MCS and HPC systems. Compared to high power charging, MCS has many times more charging capacity. This places high requirements on the cooling: This is essential to keep the diameter of the cables to the minimum possible even at high charging power and to protect the internal components of the charging station from the waste heat produced.The stationary technotrans solutions cool both the charging cable and the plug. “In our view, MCS is the required standard of the future for applications with high charging capacities. This means for buses, trucks and off-road vehicles, for example, because these kinds of systems require short charging times,” explains Koller.


High-voltage battery cooling for high-performance applications

In addition, technotrans is also presenting the zeta.road mobile battery cooling system as a high-voltage variant up to 850 V DC. This compact unit can be directly connected to the battery voltage so that there is no need for an additional voltage transformer. This reduces the energy loss while increasing the efficiency of the entire system. The solution also saves costs, space and weight, while eliminating the risk of failure of an additional component as well. The high voltage range paves the way for compatibility with even more powerful batteries.


In addition to standard cooling systems, technotrans SE also offers customised solutions on request: “Along with battery cooling, we can also configure our systems for application-specific solutions for the cooling of other components such as the traction systems or electronic power modules and therefore offer a complete mobile and/or stationary thermal management system,” says Koller.


Visit technotrans SE at the Electro Vehicle Trend Korea in Seoul on 15-17 March  at stand E403.


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