technotrans presents efficient 19" chiller series with natural refrigerant

  • PRO300 chiller: precision temperature control and data networking
  • Use of the environmentally friendly and natural R290 refrigerant
  • Energy-efficient mini chillers for analytics, medical engineering and laser technology

Application-oriented, powerful and sustainable, all at once. At this year’s Engineering Design Show 2023, technotrans focuses on cooling and temperature control solutions that use natural refrigerants. An exhibition highlight is the new PRO300 series future-proof 19" rack-mount chiller that features improved operational reliability and an innovative water tank design. Visitors will also be able to explore energy efficient mini chillers for use in extremely compact medical applications and analytics.


“Our new PRO300 series is setting new benchmarks in the sector of precision state-of-the-art chillers for 19" rack-mount applications that enable particularly efficient use of space. No compromise was made when we coupled a powerful and future-proof solution with a high measure of sustainability and energy efficiency,” says Stuart Packer, new business development manager at technotrans UK. With refrigeration capacities of up to 4,200 watts (air-water cooling), the new series provides users with numerous new features, and it will gradually take the place of the established technotrans P300 series.


Among other features, PRO300 systems have a seamless single-part plastic water tank, which is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning purposes. Free from moving parts, the new electronic tank level sensors allow high-precision and stepless control of water levels at any time. The robust design of the new electronic flow sensors increases the operational reliability while a new control unit ensures precision dynamic temperature control. Ethernet, RS485 and other ports provide optimum access for embedding modules into control system networks.


Technology that reflects environmental engagement

“We are making use of the refrigerant R290 in our solutions, which, owing to its high volumetric refrigeration capacity, allows for an extremely compact design and is thus ideally suited to space-saving applications,” explains Packer. Moreover, the extremely low GWP value of R290 of three makes it much more environmentally friendly and a long-term solution for refrigerants. These distinct advantages render the refrigerant suitable for use not only in the PRO300 series but also for other technotrans solutions, such as mini chillers for high-precision analytics and medical applications.


Compact technotrans systems are characterised by high performance at a low energy consumption. There are virtually no limits to the fields of applications for compact technotrans systems thanks to their flexible design with regard to specific adjustment and equipment options. “Regardless of whether they are produced in series or for a specific application, we can offer our customers a comprehensive package of services thanks to seasoned technological solution expertise in the sector of cooling and temperature control technology – from your first point of contact to a holistic approach of planning up to commissioning,” emphasises Packer.


technotrans will showcase its products at the Engineering Design Show 2023 at stand D55 from 11 to 12 October.


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