technotrans at the 2022 K trade fair: sustainable cooling and temperature control systems for greater climate protection

  • Numerous cooling and temperature control innovations
  • New chiller with high efficiency as a joint project of the Meinerzhagen and Holzwickede sites
  • Units with a particularly high level of energy efficiency, compactness and maintenance friendliness

Smart technologies for more energy efficiency, sustainability and climate protection: At this year's K trade fair, technotrans will present numerous innovations and enhancements in the field of cooling and temperature control. A highlight of the cooling sector is the new, highly efficient chiller, as a joint project of the Holzwickede and Meinerzhagen sites. In addition, the expert for thermal management solutions will also showcase its extended eco.line temperature control series, a redesign of the itd evo water distribution system and an efficient, comprehensive solution for variothermal applications.


"Climate protection and the responsible use of resources are deeply engrained in technotrans' DNA, which is also reflected in our technologies. As a result, our message at this year's K trade fair is as follows: We offer solutions that can reach a huge saving potential in a very short time. In addition, we can constantly supply standard versions of our temperature control systems to support the users effectively in their sustainability efforts," says Volker Zart, head of the cooling technology unit.


Cooling technology: sustainability combined with high performance

The new chiller series with a cooling capacity ranging from 100 kW to 1,500 kW is characterised by a highly efficient evaporator and two redundant refrigeration circuits with outstanding failure safety. Thanks to an electronic expansion valve combined with a screw compressor with stepless control, these refrigeration circuits enable gliding condensation temperature control. "This means that the system operates with optimum efficiency regardless of the outside temperature," explains Fabian Heuel, head of sales.


In combination with the sophisticated components that are used for the unit, the solution reaches a particularly high energy efficiency ratio (EER). The compressor is frequency-controlled in line with the specific application in order to handle varying production levels in an energy-efficient manner. Furthermore, the unit is particularly compact and maintenance-friendly.


Extension of the most efficient temperature control unit series on the market

In the temperature control area, technotrans will present the eco.line series with an extended output range: The units are now available with flow rates of 60, 125 and 230 litres per minute. The temperature control unit series is intended for a medium temperature of 95, 140, 160 and 180°C. The standard equipment of the systems includes a so-called "longlife" stainless-steel heating cartridge with a long-term warranty and a speed-controlled pump. They can be optionally equipped with an OPC UA interface. The solution with a particularly high level of efficiency and reliability sets new standards in terms of the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Redesign of the itd evo water distribution system

The water distribution system itd evo, which is integrated in the control system, has been completely redesigned with a range of new components and sensors. The adaptive system is available as a passive or active version. The automatic version has an automatic valve to control the flow rate of every individual water circuit in a demand-based and efficient manner. In addition, the users can choose from several flow measurement solutions, including a maintenance-free ultrasound measurement system.


High level of energy efficiency for variothermal processes

At the trade fair stand, technotrans uses an injection moulding machine for the live demonstration of its enhanced variothermal system solution with a combined switching and PLC control unit. "With this system and its smart control technology, we considerably improve the efficiency of energy-intensive variothermal processes," says Ralf Radke, head of the temperature control sector. This solution stands out due to the fact that the control and switching unit, i.e. the valve system, PLC and controls, is integrated in a single housing. As a result, the entire system is much more compact and space-saving.


"We apply a holistic approach when it comes to sustainability, climate protection and process stability. For this reason, we create synergies between the products. The new technotrans solutions are available as stand-alone units or they can be combined to form an optimally tuned overall system. Thanks to the plug&play concept, this can also be realised retrospectively.


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