Sustainable cooling solutions without refrigerants: technotrans presents its compact Peltier-based cooling systems at the Analytica trade fair

  • Peltier technology enables precise and reliable cooling systems
  • Noiseless thermal management solutions with a low vibration level
  • Outstanding flexibility in terms of the cooling capacity and device integration

Trade fair premiere for technotrans at the Analytica: For the first time, the specialist for thermal management solutions will present its products at the trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology on 21-24 June in Munich. Visitors of the trade fair can experience energy-efficient miniature cooling units as well as Peltier-based cooling systems for the integration into superordinate systems or as stand-alone solutions. Within the framework of its group strategy "Future Ready 2025", technotrans is continuously expanding its activities in the health care and analytics sector.

"The correct temperature is a crucial factor, especially for medical and laboratory applications. High-precision liquid chromatography, X-ray units and spectroscopy: To ensure the functionality as well as the operational safety and reliability of these devices, a reliable cooling solution is a must," says Denis Roessel, Head of Sales of technotrans systems GmbH. "We develop application-specific cooling and temperature control solutions for a wide range of laboratory and medical systems. We support our customers in a highly personalised manner from the original definition of the problem up to the delivery of the final product." technotrans offers its products for different power ranges either based on the Peltier technology or as a compressor-based solution in a miniature format.

At the trade fair stand, visitors can experience various thermal management solutions for laboratory, analytical and life science applications. The products that will be presented include Peltier-based cooling units, such as the thermoelectric 19" rack-mount cooler pe0040, and solutions with miniature compressors for easy integration into analytical devices. The technotrans systems are not only particularly compact and energy-efficient but also nearly noiseless thanks to their low vibration level. As a result, they provide optimum operating conditions for a wide range of applications.

Precise and reliable cooling results thanks to the Peltier technology
The production of cold is realised based on Peltier elements and with the aid of plate-shaped semiconductors. Voltage is generated on these elements. As a result, one side of the plate becomes cold and the other one hot. Compared to conventional units, this cooling system offers an important advantage: The solution does not require any moving parts, e.g. a compressor, so that neither vibrations nor sound emissions are produced. In addition, the semiconductor plates have fast response characteristics and they directly adapt the cooling output when the voltage changes. The fast and precise control of the feed flow temperature is just one of the many advantages of the cooling system.

In addition, trade fair visitors can also discover established systems with miniature compressors. These miniature compressors stand out due to their high level of flexibility as they can be easily integrated into the existing systems and controlled directly by the customers. "Thanks to many years of technical expertise and high development capacities, we can offer our customers highly customised solutions as well as series products. We focus on direct customer contact, individual advice and solutions that are close to the application," explains Denis Roessel.

Sustainable and efficient solutions
The technotrans systems are characterised by a high level of energy efficiency: The 24 V miniature compressors, for example, convince thanks to their high cooling output and low energy consumption. technotrans also offers product variants that use propane, which is a sustainable and future-proof refrigerant with a low global warming potential (GWP). The trade fair premiere represents a further step in the continuous expansion of activities in the health care and analytics sector.

Visit technotrans at the Analytica 2022 on 21-24 June at stand 107 in hall A3.