Pioneering work: technotrans and its 850 V DC battery cooling system – the first-ever worldwide – at the Battery Show trade fair

  • technotrans presents its latest innovation at the specialised trade fair
  • zeta.road battery cooling system as a high-voltage variant up to 850 V DC
  • Efficient use of batteries for road vehicles and special-purpose vehicles

With the increase of the permissible operating voltage of the mobile zeta.road battery cooling systems up to 850 V DC, technotrans is making a groundbreaking contribution to improving electromobility applications. The technotrans solution can be directly connected to the battery voltage so that there is no need for an additional voltage transformer. In addition to saving costs, space and weight, the solution also eliminates the risk of failure of an additional component. The extension of the voltage range paves the way for compatibility with even more powerful batteries. The new high-voltage system will be presented for the very first time at the "Battery Show 2022" in Stuttgart (hall 8, stand F81) on 28-30 June. The first prototypes are to be deployed at the beginning of 2023.

Optimum cooling of lithium-ion batteries is crucial for electromobility applications. It is a prerequisite for the use of batteries in general and a decisive factor for their efficiency and service life."By connecting our cooling system directly to the battery voltage, we do not need to integrate a voltage transformer. This enables us to reduce the energy loss while increasing the efficiency of the entire system," says Sascha Koller, Sales Manager at technotrans. "With this technology, we can keep pace with the development of even more powerful batteries as it makes us a pioneer in the market."

Customised solutions for road vehicles and special-purpose vehicles
The zeta.road battery cooling system of technotrans is specifically adapted to the requirements of electric road vehicles: Electric buses or autonomous special vehicles at airports, ports or for mining applications – technotrans develops bespoke cooling solutions. "Whether it is humid sea air or a dusty desert climate – we take extreme environments into account in our application-specific engineering processes, thereby creating a stable temperature profile that is essential for the battery," explains Sascha Koller. The battery cooling systems of the zeta.road series control the cooling output automatically by way of special software with a strong focus on energy efficiency. This software is the core of the technotrans cooling equipment technology.

Apart from battery cooling solutions, technotrans also offers its customers a complete thermal management system. If desired, the systems of the technology provider can also provide cooling for other components in addition to the battery, such as the traction system and electronic power modules. Moreover, the battery cooling systems can be upgraded to provide additional heating functions.