Fakuma Recap: sustainable technotrans solutions provide answers to key industry trends

  • Focus on energy-efficient thermal management solutions
  • Cooling systems using the natural refrigerant R290 garnered significant visitor interest
  • Relevance of application-specific solutions is steadily increasing

Strong interest in forward-thinking thermal management solutions: technotrans reflects positively on its presence at this year's Fakuma. By introducing energy-efficient cooling and temperature control systems, the company actively supports the growing sustainability efforts within the plastic processing industry. Furthermore, the widespread use of natural refrigerants and the high level of customization potential of technotrans solutions received favorable feedback.

"The demand for energy- and production-efficient technology is growing rapidly. With our products, we are already offering users powerful and reliable solutions that help significantly reduce the CO2 footprint. The positive feedback from trade show visitors confirms that we are meeting the industry's needs," says Nicolai Küls, Managing Director of technotrans solutions GmbH. At this year's Fakuma, technotrans introduced, among other things, a new range of refrigeration units with cooling capacities ranging from 100 to 1,500 kW and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of up to 7.5. These systems come standard with an energy-saving module featuring variable condensation temperature control and a tube bundle evaporator with one or two redundant refrigeration circuits.

In the field of temperature control technology, visitor interest was particularly focused on the compact teco series. technotrans presented this series with a unified housing and control concept and a reduction in product variations. In total, four series of devices (base.line, high.line, eco.line, and flex.line) are available in various performance levels and configurations. The central element of the new temperature control devices is the Pump Efficiency Module (PEM), which enables a high degree of energy efficiency.

Gradual adoption of natural refrigerants

"The discussions at Fakuma have shown that the increasing importance of sustainability extends to the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants. This is not only legally required but also desired by customers to produce in a legally secure and sustainable manner," says Küls. technotrans is increasingly utilizing R290 as a natural refrigerant in its thermal management solutions. The Global Warming Potential, known as the GWP value, of R290 is three, significantly lower than many other commonly used refrigerants.

Furthermore, the topic of solution competence was one of the primary concerns of interested trade show visitors, Küls reports. "On one hand, production processes are becoming more complex and require precise thermal management. On the other hand, highly application-specific temperature control is essential to maximize potential savings." Thanks to the modular design of its systems and extensive engineering expertise, technotrans can provide tailor-made solutions to its customers, several of which were already requested during the trade show.

For more information, visit: www.technotrans.com