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EuroBLECH 2016: technotrans AG shows expanded portfolio for spray lubrication

• technotrans lubrication for punching and forming applications • spray pattern optimiser for use in complex applications • quicker service through further developed remote access

At the 24th EuroBLECH from 25 to 29 October, technotrans AG will show solutions for punching and forming applications. With spray.xact, the Sassenberg company provides metalworking companies with different versions of low-mist lubrication. The new version of spray.xact with a spray pattern optimiser is particularly suitable for high-demand applications and, like all models, does not require compressed air and an exhaust system. technotrans will present its products at stand J148 in hall 27.

As a full-line supplier, technotrans provides the complete programme for the lubrication of coils, blanks or mouldings in the spray lubrication area. This is done with oils, emulsions or anti-corrosion agents. In the spray lubrication process, spray.xact does not require compressed air and is therefore particularly economical to use as there is no exhaust system. Business Unit Ink & Fluid Technology Manager Alois Scharf: “We have also developed an optional spray pattern optimiser. In the future, we want to meet the needs of forming the bodywork of outer skin panels or spraying very narrow patterns.”

In addition, technotrans has expanded the possibility of global access to the control of the lubrication system. For service purposes or in the event of operating errors, technotrans experts have quick online access to the system. Downtimes can be minimised considerably. “With this, we recognize the fact that our systems are installed with increasing frequency abroad,” explains Scharf.

Wide product portfolio for different applications
technotrans offers several types of lubrication systems. For example, the spray.xact easy solution with up to four spray nozzles is suitable for simple applications. Its nozzles can be positioned flexibly in the press, which results in a reasonably priced version for all applications. spray.xact reflection was developed particularly with automatic punch presses in mind. "Thanks to the reflection surface, the oil is distributed even more finely so that a mere wisp of oil is applied," explains Scharf. Indirect lubrication is particularly suitable for the high-volume production of small pieces, e.g. plug contacts.

For bigger applications with up to 40 nozzles or more, spray.xact b is used without an enclosure and spray.xact c with a nearly closed spraying chamber. Metalworking companies benefit from the advantages of the unique spray lubrication system: thanks to its special, high-frequency valves, the spray.xact system does not require any compressed air. The system is nearly mist-free so that there is no need for an exhaust system. The application of the oil can be controlled in a highly precise and comfortable manner. Added together, these features ensure the high economic efficiency of the low-wear and low-maintenance system.

Demonstration of the systems on the trade fair stand
technotrans will present several variants of its spray lubrication system at stand J148 in hall 27 of the EuroBLECH trade fair. On site, there is a system with a spraying chamber, fitted with 32 valves. It is suitable for lubricating blanks or coils with a width of 1600 mm. In addition, technotrans will exhibit a spraying chamber for lubricating coils up to 250 mm, which are used primarily for fine-blanking systems. technotrans will demonstrate the spraying process with high-speed valves by way of an open spray.xact b spraying system for blank and coil lubrication. In addition, spray.xact easy and spray.xact reflection will be shown.