Energy-efficient spray lubrication: technotrans presents extended thermal management portfolio

  • Resource-preserving minimum-quantity spray lubrication without compressed air
  • spray.xact c: particularly robust housing structure for increased resistance
  • System solution based on temperature control and spray lubrication for hot-melt application

technotrans will present efficient and resource-preserving spray lubrication systems for punching and forming applications at this year’s Blechexpo. The company will exhibit a homogeneous minimum-quantity spray lubrication system using less than 0.5 g of oil per m², and a particularly robust variant of the spray.xact c with a new housing structure, among other products. technotrans will also provide insights into the development of a system solution for hot-melt applications. Expanding the product portfolio enlarges the application spectrum of technotrans products and provides users with more flexibility. Potential application areas for these spray lubrication systems include cold rolling processes, the forming of aluminium, and tool lubrication, among other processes.


“The aspect of sustainability has also become a driving force in punching and forming technologies. The economical use of energy and resources is one of the most important objectives today in metalworking companies,” says Hary Kosciesza, business development manager at technotrans. “Our spray lubrication systems help users to verifiably reduce their ecological footprint.“ The solutions provided by technotrans work with high-frequency valves and without the use of compressed air to ensure a precise and mist-free application of oil. The use of an extraction system is no longer needed, and no oil that could otherwise enter the production environment is wasted. Machine cleaning and maintenance work are consequently reduced to a minimum.


At this year’s exhibition, technotrans will present for the first time a particularly robust variant of the spray.xact c, featuring a double-wall housing structure and a spray lubrication width of up to 2,000 millimetres. This variant is specifically designed to meet demanding requirements that call for a high level of stability and resistance, such as in cold rolling processes where impact can occur in the process. Additional collision protection is possible in the form of specific structures where the upper housing half can be moved vertically by up to 300 millimetres to create more space for passing through coils.


Minimum-quantity lubrication and efficient application of hot melt

Visitors to the exhibition can also look forward to exploring the spray.xact metal, which features a patented nozzle technology capable of spraying minimum quantities below 0.5 grams of oil per square metre without the use of compressed air. This allows high-viscosity oils to be evenly applied to blanks and coils. The high-frequency pulses of technotrans spray valves ensure gap-free application thus preventing material damage.


The application of hot melts to coils for effective protection against corrosion is another key spotlight of the exhibition. To this end, technotrans provides users with a new system solution that consists of temperature control and spray lubrication. “We control the temperature of the entire system, including the line system and spray valves, to ensure that the substance is applied to the coils with precision and in a resource-preserving manner. Cured at ambient air, hot melts provide optimum protection against environmental influences,” explains Kosciesza.


technotrans will also present its proven spray lubrication systems for various application areas. This includes the spray.xact easy, an economical solution for straightforward metalworking applications, which is adjustable in terms of the applied type and quantity of oil. spray.xact reflection has been designed for the indirect oil lubrication of coils of high-speed blanking presses where typically small electronic components, such as plug contacts, are sprayed with ultra-thin films of oil. In addition, the company is presenting the spot-application tool lubrication system. This can be combined with all spray.xact systems and extends tool service lives.


technotrans will be exhibiting at Blechexpo 2023 in hall 8, stand 8309, from 7 to 10 November.


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