Countering cataracts with LenSx

Termotek delivers cooling devices for new medical application laser

After 18 months of cooperation between Termotek, technotrans america and Alcon, a company belonging to the Novartis group, we have now received the order to supply cooling systems for the femtosecond laser branded LenSx. This innovative laser system is used in operations to treat cataracts. The volume of the order for Termotek amounts to 1.4 million US-$ and encompasses deliveries until 2014.

The challenge in this case was to make the existent temperature control much more powerful, so that the laser can also be used in regions where air conditioning for the surgery is not always available, despite high ambient temperatures. At the same time the high cooling density had to be incorporated in the designated space in the unit. Termotek managed to fulfill these prerequisites, mainly due to similar experiences with other producers in this sector of medical engineering.

A firm element of the order by the new customer, based in California, is the direct delivery from our subsidiary in Chicago. This is to ensure that the refrigeration units always arrive at the production site of Alcon "just in time“.

This project shows how successful the cooperation within the technotrans group of companies can be. Termotek is pleased about the potential that this has opened up, not to mention the high number of units this order entails. Similar success stories could be realized in almost every country in which the technotrans Group is represented.

About the customer:

Alcon offers equipment, instruments, disposable products and intraocular lenses for surgical procedures that address cataracts, vitreoretinal conditions, glaucoma and refractive errors. Cataract surgery is the cornerstone of Alcon’s Surgical business. The only known treatment for cataracts is surgical removal of the natural lens which, if combined with implantation of a replacement intraocular lens, can restore vision.

“As people age, cataracts become increasingly common. We have the ability to address this form of preventable blindness, thanks to highly effective surgical procedures,” Mr. Kevin Buehler, Head of the Surgical Business division, said. “Still, an estimated 18 million people around the world go blind as a result of untreated cataracts. There is a big opportunity to build sustainable infrastructure, particularly in emerging markets, such as India, China and Russia.”

The successful launch of the LenSx femtosecond refractive cataract laser, with over 500 surgeons now trained to use this cutting-edge technology, expands the cataract surgical market opportunities for Alcon.


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