Completely airless: technotrans presents spray lubrication systems for efficient metalworking

  • Economical spraying system entirely without enclosure and compressed air
  • High-frequency valve pulses for effective prevention of material damage
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to removable bars

Sheet metal processing without lubrication is unthinkable: technotrans SE presents its pioneering nozzle technology for resource-saving production with reliable processes at the EuroBLECH trade fair. Just how precisely and with low-mist the spray.xact metal series can be used is illustrated by specially designed trade fair model spraying benches with different spray patterns and a wide range of application options. A market innovation on show from technotrans are special nozzles which make it possible to spray extremely small quantities of less than 0.5 g of oil per square metre.


“The technotrans systems fulfil all requirements in terms of process reliability and resource-saving operation,” says Hary Kosciesza, Business Development Manager at technotrans. “And that's exactly what counts, especially in times like these when energy-efficient and cost-saving production is crucial.” The advantage: Thanks to high-frequency pulsating valves, which control the nozzle systems for the spray, the need for expensive compressed air is eliminated. Unwanted oil mist and deposits and residues in the surrounding area are a thing of the past. Extraction systems, which are indispensable for the protection of employees with lubrication processes used to date, can be dispensed with completely. Cleaning and maintenance work are reduced to a minimum.


Precision lubrication with minimum quantities of oil scores high marks for car body manufacturing applications

The spray.xact metal spraying technology fulfils the precise requirements to be met for punching and forming applications in the metalworking industry. The technotrans nozzles enable the homogeneous application even of extremely small oil quantities of less than 0.5 g per square metre without the need for compressed air. Of particular importance for aluminium forming applications in the automotive industry: Because high-viscosity oils need applying evenly to the shaped blanks. The high-frequency pulses of the technotrans spray valves ensure that the spray is applied without gaps and prevents material damage.


Also presented by technotrans is the spray.xact c, a telescopic spray lubrication system in its own enclosure with a spraying width of 1,300 mm for the lubrication of coils. Specially for fine blanking applications, a compact system with a spraying width of 250 mm and removable spray bars highlights the advantages of technotrans spray lubrication. spray.xact easy, an economically efficient solution for straightforward metal applications, it is only adjustable with regard to the oil used and the oil quantity. spray.xact has been designed for the indirect spray lubrication of high-speed blanking presses – for example for the production of plug contacts with ultra-thin films of oil. In addition, the company is presenting the spot-application tool lubrication system. This can be combined with all spray.xact systems and extends tool service lives.



Control software and technical documentation

“Accompanying our spraying technology are control technology and software, which we continuously adapt and customise,” explains Kosciesza. “This makes it possible to monitor and evaluate spraying processes.” Also presenting at the technotrans trade fair stand this year is gds GmbH, a full service supplier of technical documentation and part of the technology and service group technotrans. In focus: The technical documentation as used for the technotrans spraying systems.


technotrans at the EuroBLECH 2022 in Hanover: 25-28 October, hall 27, stand J173.


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