Career kick-off for tomorrow's skilled workers: technotrans takes 17 new apprentices on board

  • Quality as a top priority for the apprenticeships in order to improve competitiveness
  • Multifaceted training scheme and very good chances of being hired after the apprenticeship
  • Application process for 2023 is already under way

technotrans SE welcomes 17 new trainees for technical, commercial and industrial apprenticeships at its headquarters in Sassenberg. Once again, the specialist for thermal management solutions was able to fill all the apprenticeship vacancies and remains one of the largest apprenticeship providers in the region. A total of 47 trainees are currently working at the site. Tomorrow's young talents will benefit from a multifaceted training scheme and interesting projects to work on. The application process for 2023 is already on its way. Please visit the company website for more information (

"Specialist employees who are thoroughly trained by the company are an important investment in the future, especially in times of a serious skills shortage. This is why we set great store in a qualified apprenticeship covering a variety of fields. We try to train our own junior staff in all areas of the company," explains Anna-Lena Freese, human resources officer and head of training at technotrans. Once again this year, the company with its headquarters in Sassenberg will train 17 young talents in a range of technical and commercial professions, e.g. as technical product designers, mechatronic technicians and mechatronic technicians for refrigeration technology, IT specialists and industrial management assistants. One person will combine part-time education at a university (business administration) with on-the-job training.

For the first time after a forced interruption due to the pandemic, the popular "outfitting" day took place. On this day, the new apprentices, accompanied by their parents, slip into their new workwear for the first time. "We are very happy that we were able to organise this special event in person again with our new apprentices and their families," says Freese. "It enables the parents to get an insight into the future work environment of their children and to mingle with other parents."

Optimum support and exciting outlooks
Quality is the top priority for technotrans when it comes to training young talents. In addition to on-site training and bespoke revision for exams, the specialist for thermal management solutions also offers extensive support and mentoring by experienced employees. "We have the well-being of your apprentices at heart. For example, we provide our future mechatronic technicians for refrigeration technology with a flat in Recklinghausen that they can use during their course blocks extending over longer periods of time instead of individual days," says Freese.

In addition, the apprentices can work on their own projects or even spend several weeks abroad, e.g. at another technotrans site. The apprentices report on their working lives on Instagram (technotrans.azubis) and on the technotrans apprentices' blog ( This hands-on mentoring approach and the extensive additional opportunities are very attractive, and the high retention rate of nearly 100% is proof of the success of this strategy. "Our aim is to provide excellent training and to retain their loyalty to the company," explains Freese.

The company also has good news for anyone who might be interested in a dual education programme (on-the-job-training combined with academic education): In the future, technotrans will not only offer more places for apprentices but also for students interested in the dual education programme. Recruitment for apprenticeships and dual education programme places for 2023 is already under way.

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