For a higher level of process stability for sheet-fed offset printing applications

The basic.fc dampening solution filtration system increases the productivity of the printing press. The triple-stage filtration unit system (20 µm => 10 µm => 5 µm) keeps the entire system clean – from the dampening solution tank to the dampening solution trays in the printing press. Even very small dirt particles down to 5 μm – approximately the size of a grain of sand – are filtered out with a high level of effectiveness.

This results in an extended dampening solution service life, increased machine availability, reduced need for cleaning and lower operating costs. In addition, the bypass principle of the basic.fc system ensures uncomplicated and stable operation without affecting the dampening solution circuit towards the printing press.

If necessary, the fine filtration system can be activated comfortably via external devices.

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Benefits at a glance
  • High filtration quality at an attractive price
  • Extended dampening solution service life
  • Increased stability of the production conditions
  • Support for IPA-reduced printing
  • High level of operational reliability
  • Automatic shutdown in case of filter clogging
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Triple-stage filtration method
  • Optional UV sterilisation system
  • Operation in a bypass
  • Optional control via external devices