Universal cooling solution: technotrans launches its modular ECOtec.chiller

  • Chiller for use in nearly all types of industries thanks to its modularity
  • High energy efficiency, power density and operational reliability
  • Launch planned for April 1, 2021

From the printing industry to plastics processing and medical technology to laser applications: With its new ECOtec.chiller, technotrans SE presents a completely modular cooling unit for nearly all types of industries and applications. The combined modularity and high level of standardisation of the components enables the extremely fast realisation of customised solutions. The new solution is characterised by a constantly high power density, energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint. In addition, the refrigerant consumption is reduced by up to 60 percent. Users save up to 30 percent of energy costs - in addition, the required use of refrigerant is reduced by up to 60 percent. The ECOtec.chiller, which can be used across all industries, is available as a standard product and as an individual version. The cooling capacity ranges from 1.5 KW to 370 KW.

Cooling solutions made by the technotrans group are used in a multitude of industries so that the range of applications is correspondingly large. "Every industry and customer have their own specific requirements. Our new cross-industry ECOtec.chiller is a cooling system that can easily be adapted to even the most demanding needs thanks to its modularity," explains Peter Böcker, head of sales at technotrans. Because every industry needs this: "Users are looking for reliable, precise and energy-efficient solutions – which is precisely what the ECOtec.chiller embodies."

With its new cooling solution, technotrans leverages its long-standing technological expertise gained in multiple well-established core industries like the laser, printing and plastics sector, thereby creating a universal system for accessing numerous new areas of application. "The chiller is the best of all worlds," says Böcker.

Cooling system with a high level of modularity
The modularity of the ECOtec.chiller leads to maximum flexibility. Different sizes and power ranges between 1.5 kW and 370 kW and a wide range of pump capacities, tank sizes and connection voltages as well as the adaptation to a large variety of climatic conditions are just a few of the options that users can choose from. The high level of standardisation ensures a fast turnaround and excellent availability of the various devices. "Time is a crucial factor for us and our customers. This is why we need to be able to fulfil orders according to the just-in-time principle," explains Böcker. The control system of the chiller is modular as well. technotrans developed an adaptive operating concept in the form of a user-friendly, intuitive user interface and large multi-touch displays that can be easily surveyed from afar.

An additional key factor of the ECOtec.chiller in addition to its modular design is its high level of efficiency and sustainability. Despite its constantly high power density, the carbon footprint of the chiller, which is characterised by a resource-saving operating concept, is low. This is ensured, among other things, by power-controlled components and drives to reduce the energy costs. In addition, the integrated microchannel condenser reduces the refrigerant consumption by up to 60%.

Standardised yet customised
Two versions of the ECOtec.chiller are available: "pure" is the compact standard version while "xtend" can be customised by adding numerous extras. The xtend version has a particularly high level of energy efficiency thanks to the inverter technology used for the pumps, compressors and fans. Compared to traditional devices, users can save up to 30% of their energy costs. In addition, the xtend variant fulfils the requirements of the Ecodesign directive and all the other relevant EU regulations.

Both series are stand-alone units that have been thoroughly tested in different process environments prior to the launch of the series. The results have convinced the users and technotrans alike. The cross-industry and cross-group concept of the new cooling solution is reflected in the production concept. technotrans produces the ECOtec.chiller at a total of three locations within the group: Meinerzhagen, Baden-Baden and Bad Doberan. This speeds up production and delivery times. "Our subsidiaries offer optimum conditions as well as the necessary set of skills for the production of our new ECOtec.chiller," explains Böcker. The market launch of the modular chiller will take place on 1 April 2021.

For further information, please visit www.technotrans.com