The tekom Spring Conference 2021: gds introduces the Neuronal Translation Engine

  • Highest quality machine translations
  • docuglobe and XR editorial systems with enhanced functionalities
  • A focus on the content delivery portal easybrowse

Virtual appearance with numerous new introductions: At the tekom Spring Conference 2021, gds GmbH, a leading competence center for technical communication and information management, will present its own neural translation engine for technical translations in addition to current enhancements to its docuglobe and XR editing systems. Also in focus: The easybrowse content delivery portal, which facilitates targeted, fast and simple publication of digital documentary content via browser or app. A varied lecture program rounds off the trade fair appearance.

“Our participation in the tekom Spring Conference underscores our position as a leading competence center for technical communication and information management,” says Ulrich Pelster, the Managing Director of gds GmbH. “We offer our clients a targeted and cost effective overall process in content lifecycle management – all this from a single source and without frictional losses.” In addition to the latest innovations in editorial systems, the gds group will therefore be presenting its wide-ranging service portfolio in technical documentation, risk assessment, CE labeling, and technical translations.

Preview: The Neuronal Translation Engine
As one of the highlights of this year's trade fair appearance, gds will provide first insights into its own neural translation engine, which is specifically designed to meet the challenges of machine translation. Michaela Gorisch, Managing Director of gds Sprachenwelt, says: “The significance of machine translation in the documentation environment is currently increasing rapidly.” According to Ms. Gorisch, generic engines such as Google Translate or DeepL frequently deliver helpful results. “However, translations such as these are usually not suitable for publication in a professional technical environment without a great deal of post-processing effort.” At the tekom Spring Conference, gds will now introduce its own neural translation engine, which will meet the high quality demands of clients.

The current update of the docuglobe and XR editorial systems
The company will also be showcasing product innovations in editorial systems at the Spring Conference: With the latest update of docuglobe, gds now provides editors with even more support in the creation of technical documentation. For this purpose, the current version offers the new “Module in Module” feature as well as improved content delivery thanks to the extended link between docuglobe and easybrowse, the content delivery portal of gds. As a platform for targeted, structured content that is easily made available, easybrowse can be used from anywhere, either online or offline, via browser or on the recently introduced app.

Just like docuglobe, the XML-based editorial system XR can also be connected directly to easybrowse. At the virtual tekom conference, gds will also be showing the latest product versions from the XR family. In addition to the XR core system, this portfolio includes the industry-specific standard applications XR/engineering and XR/aviation.

The gds group will be available at their virtual booth from the Technology Day on May 04 and subsequently during the entire Spring Conference (May 05 - 07) at their virtual booth. The company is also represented by the following four exhibition presentations:

  1. “If using Word, then use docuglobe”, Christian Paul; May 05 at 11h45
  2. “gds’ own neuronal translation engine for mechanical engineering”, Michaela Gorisch; May 06 at 8h45
  3. “The XML editorial system – easy with XR”, Tobias Kreimann; May 06 at 16h15
  4. “Extensive documentaries in pocket format”, Jan Grüter; May 07 at 14h45