Spray lubrication for baked goods production: plant manufacturer Sugden invests in technotrans solution

  • spray.xact food ensures compressed air-free application of release agents
  • Sugden reduces release agent consumption and increases product quality
  • Use in Multi-Plant Lines for the production of different baked goods

technotrans SE is further expanding its activities in the food industry. Sugden Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of production lines for bakery products, is investing in the high-precision spray lubrication system spray.xact food. The first technotrans units will be used as mobile versions in the British plant manufacturer's pancake and Multi-Plant Lines. Thanks to the low-mist, compressed-air-free application of release agent, Sugden users save resources, improve their product quality and prevent unwanted oil residues in the production environment. The technotrans system is to be installed in other Sugden plants in the future, including those for Vanderpol Waffle production.

"Our goal was to completely eliminate the use of compressed air when applying release agents to our heated plate systems. In this way, we offer our customers even more process reliability and control. With the help of the technotrans solution, we have succeeded in doing just that. In addition, product quality increases and line operators save resources," says George Jackson, Sales Manager at Sugden. The company develops and manufactures customized industrial baking systems - for English muffins, crumpets and pancakes, among others. In these systems, products are cooked directly on a heated plate to which a release agent is previously applied. When looking for a new and, above all, easy-to-integrate spray lubrication solution, the company opted for a system from technotrans after only a few test runs.

The challenge in this baking process is, on the one hand, that the release agent is viscous, which makes precise application difficult. On the other hand, conventional, compressed air-driven solutions often produce aerosols that can be inhaled by employees without the use of extraction equipment and can accumulate in the production environment. With the help of spray.xact food from technotrans, Sugden prevents these problems. The temperature-controlled valves ensure optimum viscosity of the release agent to be applied by means of temperature control, which ensures a precise spray pattern. There is no need for an extraction system, as spray.xact food spray lubrication does not produce any unwanted mist.

Optimally adapted to the baking process
Stuart Packer, New Business Development Manager at technotrans, also emphasizes the flexibility and adaptability of the system. "With spray.xact food, customers are able to adjust all relevant parameters from speed to spray quantity according to their needs. Each individual spray valve can be customized in the process." technotrans transfers this flexibility to the design of the unit. For Sugden, the company manufactured, for example, a mobile version that is mounted on a trolley system and can be moved freely.

Jackson also praises the partnership with technotrans: "The cooperation was fantastic. The teams in Germany and here in the UK have been extremely helpful in running product trials and giving us valuable information back to help us in design and application." Due to the Corona constraints, most of the coordination from project planning to go-live took place virtually. Despite these limitations, Jackson says the project proceeded in a focused and efficient manner. "The exchange with the technotrans team and the successful implementation of our requirements quickly convinced us, so the decision was really easy for us."

Sugden would like to continue the collaboration in the future. The manufacturer plans to integrate the spray.xact food system on further pancake and Multi-Plant Lines, as well as well as on the Vanderpol Waffle Lines the company is currently designing and manufacturing.