The powerful refrigeration system has a cooling capacity of 2250 kW for medium temperatures down to -10°C.

Plastics-processing competence for electromobility applications: gwk, a company of the technotrans group, secures several major contracts

  • Supply of several temperature control units and a central ultra-cold system
  • Systems for the production of batteries and as part of a calender system for the production of battery films
  • Seven-figure contract value
  • Contracts awarded as a result of the "Future Ready 2025" strategy of the group

technotrans SE further expands their activities on the electromobility and plastics-processing markets. As part of the technotrans group, gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH has secured two major contracts in these important segments. In March 2021, the company delivered a central ultra-cold system to a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and 52 oil temperature control units to a calendar manufacturer. gwk was selected for these projects with a seven-figure order volume because their technology can be precisely adapted to the specific applications involved as well as because of their ability to ensure a fast order turnaround. The systems were supplied to several locations in Germany, Europe and abroad. Both projects are the result of an increased consolidation of knowledge and skills within the framework of the "Future Ready 2025" strategy of the technotrans group.

For the first project, gwk developed a central ultra-cold cooling system for the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The production of the batteries requires special ambient conditions with the temperature and atmospheric moisture being particularly important. Numerous battery production technologies generate harmful substances which, as airborne particles, pose a risk to the employees, machines and products in the surrounding areas. "Our system ensures an ideal, safe environment for the production of the batteries. In addition, it is an exceptionally powerful system with a refrigeration capacity of three times 750 kW at -10°C," explains Nico Küls, head of sales and marketing at gwk. It is a stationary system that will be integrated in a building at the location of use. To ensure a fast and trouble-free start-up, gwk developed a turn-key version of the system at the Meinerzhagen factory.

The customer chose gwk as the partner for this project because of their technical expertise and ability to provide a customised solution as well as to ensure the integration in the existing process. Sustainability was another important factor for the customer. "Our technology makes the battery production process more efficient and sustainable. Our solutions are used at an early production stage so that the total carbon footprint of the supply chain can be considerably reduced," says Michael Finger, spokesman of the board of technotrans SE.

High energy efficiency for calender systems

For the second project, gwk will supply a total of 52 oil temperature control units of the tecma series for use in calender systems. The industrial standard method for the production of battery electrodes is based on a wet-chemical coating process in which the active material in the form of a suspension is applied to a metal film. The gwk temperature control units ensure perfect conditions for this process.

The ready-to-connect heating and cooling units are equipped with an indirect cooling system, which uses a heat transfer oil as the circulating medium. The oil circuit, which is designed as a closed system, enables a medium temperature up to 200°C.Depending on the operating condition, heat is supplied to the connected device via the heater, or heat is removed via the cooling system. The temperature of the circulating medium is controlled automatically. A temperature sensor built into the device detects the existing actual temperature. The microprocessor control system compares the measured value with the preselected setpoint and controls the heating or cooling system. A comprehensive safety chain ensures the reliable operation of the system.

Flexibility and a fast turnaround

Apart from the high level of expertise in the plastics-processing industry, the decisive factor for the decision in favour of gwk was the excellent consulting and solution competence of the company – even beyond the actual project. Another advantage of gwk is their ability to fulfil large orders at very short notice and to supply a large number of temperature control units without compromising on the customised design. Our products are precisely adapted to the specific requirements of the task at hand, thereby ensuring optimum parameters for the various processes. "Not every competitor can do that," states Michael Finger confidently.

In addition, gwk was able to convince the customer thanks to their high level of flexibility: For the projects, the company has provided products for temperatures ranging from -10°C to +200°C. "The comprehensive range of the supplied systems is by no means the limit of what can be achieved. Our product portfolio is far more extensive, including systems and components with a temperature range between -80°C and +400°C," says Nico Küls. Both customers have mentioned the possibility of follow-up projects and are already in talks with gwk.

The fact that gwk has been entrusted with the two large-scale projects is the result of the measures taken under the "Future Ready 2025" strategy of the technotrans group. The aim of the creation of the technotrans umbrella brand is to increase the economic and technological impact of the entire group. As part of this change, gwk and Reisner will be merged at the end of the year. "The resulting synergies and increased efficiency are already having a very positive effect on this type of large-scale projects – and this is just the beginning," says Michael Finger.

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