MD&M West 2021: technotrans presents efficient thermal management solutions for medical applications

  • Cooling and temperature control units for medical applications
  • Focus on energy-efficient solutions for the plastics industry in the medical environment
  • Expansion in the North American market

technotrans SE’s first participation in the MD&M West trade fair in Anaheim, the largest platform for medical technology and medical manufacturing processes on the American continent The specialist for thermal management solutions will present its compact and energy-efficient cooling and temperature control units for medical applications at the trade fair on August 10-12. In addition to the cooling of medical applications and manufacturing processes, solutions for the production of medical plastic parts are the focus of the trade fair presentation. The equipment that will be showcased at the technotrans stand will include compact Peltier-based cooling units as well as the temperature control units of the protemp cd and teco cs series. These units, which are intended for highly sophisticated applications, are particularly energy-efficient and highly customizable. technotrans SE will present their solutions at stand 3409 of the MD&M trade fair.


“We would like to consistently expand our North American market share, which is why we will present the benefits of our technology for the first time at this trade fair. Temperature is a crucial factor for numerous medical applications. The production of plastic parts, for example, relies on extremely precise temperature control while energy efficiency is also a must. This is exactly what we can provide at an extremely high technical level,” says Stefan Oberlies, Senior Distribution Manager. In line with the “Future Ready 2025” group strategy, the health care and analytics sector is one of the selected target markets of the company that already has a lot of experience in this field.


At their stand, technotrans will presents its 19" pe0040 Peltier chiller. This unit with its particularly small footprint is characterized by its practically noiseless, low-vibration operation. Cold is produced with the aid of plate-shaped semiconductors. As the unit – unlike compressors – does not rely on any moving parts for producing cold, there are no vibrations or sound emissions. Thanks to the fast adaptation of the cooling power as a function of the voltage, the chiller consistently ensures a high level of energy efficiency at the optimum operating point at all times. Potential areas of applications of the chiller include diagnostic applications as well as testing applications and laboratory equipment up to use cases in the field of life sciences.


Powerful temperature control technology for the plastics industry

With the protemp cd and teco cs series, technotrans provides highly efficient temperature control solutions for a wide range of production processes, e.g. for the production of medical plastic parts. The protemp cd is a compact, low-maintenance temperature control unit with direct cooling for a temperature range from 0°C to 95°C. The units use speed-controlled centrifugal pumps combined with variable frequency drives that fulfill the specific production requirements in an energy-efficient manner. As a result, the unit automatically adjusts the required flow rate, thereby reducing the current consumption. In addition, the compact unit ensures a space-saving installation. At the trade fair, visitors can see a variant with an integrated distributor for the supply of six individual circuits. The flow rate and temperature of each of the circuits can be monitored and displayed. As a result, the highest levels of efficiency and the acquisition of process data are neatly combined in one unit.


The teco cs is a universal temperature control unit with indirect cooling for applications with high flow rates requiring a high level of flexibility. “This solution is among the technically most sophisticated units of its class while offering numerous interesting series features. Of particular interest is the network-ready controller which enables remote monitoring and control of the unit,” explains Oberlies. In addition, the teco cs stands out due to its unique robustness and reliability as well as its innovative operating concept. technotrans demonstrates flexibility in terms of the specific requirements of individual medical equipment sectors as far as the protemp cd and teco cs units are concerned. The standard versions already fulfill the clean room requirements of ISO class 6 and 7, respectively, and, thereby, very stringent hygiene standards.


During its trade fair premiere at the MD&M West, technotrans will also provide insights into the wide range of its portfolio. The solution provider has had a subsidiary in the US for many years and can rely on a wide service network. “This enables us to ensure a high technological and service-related availability for our North American customers,” says Oberlies.