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Always have the right information to hand: gds is optimizing Content Delivery Portal easybrowse

  • Online or offline use, independently of device or location
  • Compatible with every editorial management system
  • Easy to use and proven on the market

Mobility, flexibility, and convenience are considered attributes that are of increasing importance concerning both the ongoing digitalization and the provisioning of technical content. The coronavirus crisis is demonstrating the vital role cloud-based content and network security play in maintaining the capacity to act and work independently of one’s location. As a platform for target-oriented and structured content that is easily made available, the Content Delivery Platform of easybrowse from gds can be used online or offline from anywhere. With easybrowse, contents are made available quickly and efficiently, in a target-oriented and easy-to-read manner. Unstructured and superfluous data thus become a thing of the past.

“A Content Delivery Portal can accomplish more than a website. easybrowse has been integrated into our editorial management systems of docuglobe and XR, and it is easy to use and populate,” says Mr. Jan Grüter, Product Manager of Content Delivery at gds GmbH. Any other editorial management system from another manufacturer can serve as a source for the content, and this applies especially to those that support the iiRDS standard. The iiRDS standard is an important requirement to be met so that contents can be made available across systems and in a user-appropriate and digital manner. “We have perfected several new functions, including comprehensive metadata management, for instance.”

Especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, this once more goes to prove the substantial advantage of being in a position of making available information about products, machines, and systems in an easy to use and flexible format, and allowing users to access this information, regardless of whether they are working in the office, from home, or on-site.

Online or offline, via a web browser or an app – easybrowse can be used from anywhere at any time. All app functions and access options remain available at all times. So that you can: download new content, search, filter, or browse content, regardless of whether you are working from a notebook, tablet or smartphone. This way, service technicians can have even offline access to all the required content whenever they need to consult the documentation or circuit diagrams for a machine on-site. “This really saves time and helps avoid making mistakes because rather than skimming through manuals, relevant passages are carefully studied now,” explains Grüter. So the full additional value can be gathered from the information.

Many years of experience in the area of Content Delivery

The Content Delivery Portal of easybrowse from gds is a comprehensive solution for the user-focused and context-relevant provisioning of information. Various sources can be used to populate the portal whereby the iiRDS standard serves as a basis. The web-based solution enables users to easily access technical documentation regardless of their location so that they can quickly retrieve maintenance information, call up studies or reconstruct and understand how a machine is designed based on product photos. Compliance with the directives of ISO 82079 concerning documentation can also be ensured thanks to easily accomplished content updates. Customized and target-specific access is enabled regardless of the volume of information. This does not only provide service technicians with a significant added value but can also boost customer satisfaction since they can quickly access relevant information.

gds operates easybrowse as a cloud-based service in well-established processing centers. This means transparent and calculable costs. Customers control the content while gds takes care of the operation. A license for the local operation of easybrowse can naturally also be purchased. “As a cloud-based solution and with ongoing advancement, easybrowse is keeping its finger on the pulse of the time,” says Grüter.

For more information see: www.gds.eu/de/content-delivery