All apprenticeship positions have been filled: technotrans welcomes 14 new junior staff members

  • Start of technical, commercial and industrial apprenticeships
  • Two entirely new apprenticeships
  • Very good chances of being retained after the apprenticeship

The specialist for thermal management solutions expands its workforce: On 2 August, technotrans SE welcomed 14 new apprentices at its Sassenberg headquarters.  Once again, the company was able to fill all apprenticeship vacancies and thus remains one of the largest apprenticeship providers in the region. In addition, two entirely new apprenticeships have been added to the training portfolio at technotrans.Recruitment for 2022 is already under way. Interested parties can find the vacant positions on the technotrans website.


"For us, it is important to offer a wide range of apprenticeships and to train new staff members in all areas of our company. We consider this one of the most important investments in the future of our company," says Tina Wegmeth, human resources officer and head of training at technotrans. For technotrans, and numerous other companies alike, the COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge when it comes to the recruitment of new employees. Due to the need to limit contact with other people to an absolute minimum, the solution provider from Sassenberg had to considerably reduce its number of internships and numerous school and training events were cancelled altogether. The majority of interviews took place remotely through digital means. "We are glad that we were able to once again fill all of the vacancies despite these restrictions," says Wegmeth.


The new apprentices at technotrans will take their first career steps in numerous different jobs, e.g. as industrial business management assistants, mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology, technical system planners, electronics technicians and warehouse logistics specialists. In addition, technotrans offers completely new apprenticeships, such as industrial electricians and metal technology specialists, with a duration of two years. "The need for manpower has increased significantly in this area and the positions are difficult to fill in view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers. We would like to address this challenge by intensifying the training of our own junior staff," says Wegmeth.


Interesting and exciting outlook

Apprentices at technotrans can rely on extensive support and mentoring by experienced employees in addition to on-site training and revision for exams. The apprentices can also spend some time abroad and will be involved in existing projects. "We believe in a high degree of autonomy and prepare the apprentices to take on responsibility at an early stage," explains Wegmeth. The high retention rate of nearly 100% is proof of the success of this strategy.


To welcome their new colleagues, last year's apprentices have organised a private get-to-know-you-event. The event will take place outdoors and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations to ensure proper hygiene and protection against COVID-19. This is why a negative COVID-19 rapid test result is a prerequisite for participation.