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Immersion chillers for industrial applications

Active cooling for cooling lubricants and further cooling circuits

When evaluating the economics of machine investment, decision makers frequently focus on the required periphery with regard to operating costs, investments costs and space requirements. The theta.k line was developed as a compact immersion chiller. The traditional lubricant cooling was extended to enable the cooling of several, independently variable liquid cooling circuits, e.g. for spindles, drives or control cabinets, etc.

A standard immersion chiller becomes an efficient, multifunctional cooling system, that combines all the refrigeration tasks of a tooling machine. Additional cooling systems are eliminated to reduce the investment costs for cooling technology.

  • Equipment & features:

    • immersion chiller with standardized cooling capacity and variable immersion depths
    • variable cooling circuits for  e.g. spindle, drive, control cabinet and periphery
    • cooling capacity and temperature of the individual cooling circuits is adaptable
    • energy-efficient use of the power reserves of a cooling system
    • temperature control / heating via the heat pump principle
  • Technical data:

    • cooling capacity: 4 kW  to 50 kW
    • ambient temperature: up to 42°C
    • control accuracy: up to +/-0.5K
  • Advantages at a glance

    • lower operating costs due to energy-optimized design and reduced „latent refrigeration reserves“
    • reduction of investment costs and space requirements, as several cooling systems are combined
    • infinitely variable distribution of the total cooling capacity to the individual cooling circuits
    • temperature control as fixed point, or as ambience-controlled system, optional
    • easier, central installation
    • monitoring of all cooling parameters by ideal integration into the machine control system via BUS technology


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