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Premiere of a new spray lubrication system made by technotrans with a spraying width of 4,600 millimetres at the Blechexpo trade fair

First presentation of the airless spray.xact c 5000 large-scale system / Efficient spray lubrication systems for numerous applications / Extended remote diagnostics and access options

technotrans spray.xact easy

At this year's Blechexpo trade fair, technotrans AG will focus on their spray lubrication systems for a wide range of metalworking applications. The highlight of the presentation will be the spray.xact 5000 system with a spraying width of up to 4,600 millimetres for the lubrication of blanks. The company from Sassenberg is the first manufacturer of a large-scale system of such a magnitude with an airless spraying system. Other products that will be showcased are the proven devices of the spray.xact series, for example the spray.xact reflection unit for the lubrication of narrow metal coils in automatic punch presses. technotrans will be present at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart from 7-10 November in hall 8 at stand 8109.

"At the Blechexpo trade fair, we would like to bolster our standing as an international full-line system supplier in the spray lubrication sector. We offer a full range of products for the lubrication of coils, blanks and pressings with oils, emulsions or anti-corrosion agents," explains Alois Scharf, head of the Business Unit Ink & Fluid Technology of technotrans. With the new spray.xact 5000, the company presents a large-scale system that is particularly suitable for the lubrication of car body panels. Just like the other spray lubrication systems made by technotrans, this system is equipped with an airless spraying system for low-mist lubrication so that an extraction system is not necessary. With its dimensions, this system is truly unique on the market.

The spraying chamber of the spray.xact 5000 has an innovative sealing system: A rotating brush system prevents any drag oil from leaking out. Thanks to valves with electronic adjustment and actuation, time-consuming manual adjustments of the spraying nozzles, which are necessary for standard devices, are not required. In addition, the temperature of the oil is controlled directly at the nozzle in order to maintain a constant temperature level of the fluid. All of this results in a continuously reproducible oil application regardless of any possible pressure fluctuations or other influencing factors within the system. The modular design and service-friendly supply system ensure the quick changing of the tanks and easy access for the replacement of parts.

Lubrication systems for a wide range of different applications
In addition to this innovation, technotrans will also present other additional variants of its spray lubrication systems at the Blechexpo: Among these is the spray.xact easy solution for straightforward applications with up to four spraying nozzles and the spray.xact c system with 40 nozzles and more for lubrication tasks at forming presses and fine-blanking systems. The spray.xact reflection solution, on the other hand, was developed for the lubrication of narrow metal coils in automatic punch presses. With this system, the oil is distributed even more finely so that a mere wisp of oil is applied. The operating principle of the spray lubrication systems is demonstrated at the trade fair stand with the aid of two model devices.

Extended remote diagnostics and access options are another hot topic at this year's Blechexpo trade fair. From now on, error messages can be directly transferred to all of the relevant recipients by SMS or e-mail enabling them to react within mere minutes in order to reduce downtimes and, thereby, costs. "This service solution offers our customers all over the world tangible advantages in terms of the reliability and ‑monitoring of their processes," says Alois Scharf.