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High-quality digital printing thanks to efficient cooling systems

The omega.k 400 L from technotrans supports the new digital printing press HP Indigo 10000 at Druckerei Bühler in Ludwigsburg

Stable parameters are becoming increasingly important for commercial digital printing. The cooling water temperature is particularly crucial for the printing process and quality. This is why efficient cooling solutions for the printing presses are more vital than ever. Following an investment into a new HP Indigo 10000, Druckerei Bühler from Ludwigsburg relies on the cooling solutions made by technotrans AG.

Without this cooling technology, in combination with an HP Indigo 10000, Druckerei Bühler would not have been able to gain access to new groups of customers. The digital printing press could not run with the intensity and quality as it has been doing since the middle of last year. Druckerei Bühler, which was founded in 1950 started with screen printing, moved on to offset printing and set up a new digital printing unit four years ago. Like many other traditional printing companies, Druckerei Bühler also had to cope with a change in customer behaviour. Faced with increasingly lower numbers of copies and shorter delivery times, digital printing promised processes with a higher level of economic efficiency. After a few years with smaller formats on Xerox printing presses, Druckerei Bühler wanted to carry out orders for larger formats on a commercial scale. Therefore, the family-run business invested in an HP Indigo 10000 printing press in B2 format. This also involved switching from toner to liquid ink and moving on to an efficient cooling system.

High process stability with maximum press output
Druckerei Bühler decided in favour of the omega.k 400 L chiller from technotrans, which is specifically configured for the HP Indigo 10000. One reason was that the price-performance ratio was very convincing when compared to other suppliers. In addition, the printing company already had extensive experience with technotrans cooling systems for their offset printing presses. After a runtime of more than six months, Mark Fischer, a member of the management board, believes that the decision has already given a good return: "The cooling solution made by technotrans has enabled us to reach an outstanding level of process stability that is indirectly driving our business as a whole." According to him, the cost-effective operation of the HP Indigo 10000 would not be possible without the cooling system. Moreover, the company is now in a position to fulfil customer requests in terms of larger formats, such as posters, etc. "The cooling system enables us to make maximum use of the production performance of the press."

Since its installation, the chiller has been operating in an absolutely trouble-free manner at Druckerei Bühler. The HP Indigo 10000 has been continuously in use in two shifts per day since it was commissioned. The omega.k 400 L permanently ensures a consistent temperature level. With a setting of four degrees Celsius, the chiller establishes a consistent temperature in the HP Indigo 10000. "Thanks to these stable parameters, we achieve optimum printing results with consistent high quality for all types of demand," says Mark Fischer.

Low-maintenance technology for high print quality
The outstanding process stability is not a coincidence: Based on its experience in offset printing, technotrans has transferred its cooling expertise to digital printing. The equipment has been in use as a standard solution on numerous HP Indigo 10000 printing presses since the drupa 2012 trade fair. During the first test runs, technotrans assisted its partners under various types of operating conditions and also offered performance measurements. The omega.k 400 L has been specifically adapted to the requirements of the HP printing press with regard to performance and interfaces. The fluid technology specialist with its headquarters in Sassenberg in Westphalia (Germany) guarantees high-performance equipment even with ambient temperatures up to 45°C in a printing environment. "The printing presses are becoming increasingly powerful and that is accompanied by an increasing demand for high print quality. This requires stable parameters," explains Tino Brockfeld, head of end customer sales at technotrans. "Thanks to our cooling solutions, printing companies benefit from low-maintenance and low-wear systems that ensure outstanding process stability for high print quality."

However, that is not the only advantage that Mark Fischer experiences during the daily production. Apart from a user-friendly design, Druckerei Bühler also benefits from high control accuracy with almost no deviation from the standardised temperature. The energy efficiency is another advantage of the technotrans solution. Via special pipes, the waste heat of the printing press is led to the chiller, which is not integrated in the print shop itself and is instead set up outside the hall. As a result, the waste heat does not affect the indoor climate at all. With all of the parameters taken into account, Mark Fischer confirms that all of this leads to a high level of operational safety and reliability with a strong contribution of the cooling technology.

Service performed by technotrans
After the set-up of the HP Indigo 10000, the technotrans technicians came to Ludwigsburg and installed the omega cooling unit. Parallel to the printing processes, technotrans keeps working in the background to ensure maximum press uptime for its customers based on an extensive service network. The fact that the entire cooling technology used at Druckerei Bühler is provided by technotrans is a clear advantage from the point of view of Mark Fischer: "The investments into the cooling systems, whether it is offset or digital printing, prove to be highly profitable on a daily basis." Thanks to the service from a single source, the company can realise further cost savings in terms of the regular maintenance of the systems.

This is why Druckerei Bühler will remain loyal to the HP Indigo and, thereby, also to technotrans in the future. The company is on course for further growth. If the order volume continues to increase, as it has done in recent months, in particular in the digital printing area with orders for large formats, the company will make further investments in this sector. Druckerei Bühler has already added an extension to its existing group of buildings, especially for the purchase of the HP Indigo 10000.