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Precise spray lubrication for food production applications: technotrans develops a new spraying system

spray.xact food for the application of release agents to baking sheets / Low-mist oil application and precise dosing of minimum quantities / First system in use at Linder Tiefkühlbackwaren

With the spray.xact food unit, technotrans SE launches a new spray lubrication system for the food industry. Konrad Linder GmbH & Co. Backwaren KG, located in Thuringia, Germany, is the pilot user of the new system. The producer of frozen bakery goods uses the system for applying release agents to baking sheets to prevent the products from sticking to the sheets. The low-mist oil application of the new solution enables Linder to reduce the release agent consumption by approximately 30% and prevents unwanted deposits and residues on the production equipment. The spray.xact food system is based on the proven technotrans spraying technology which is originally used in punching and forming applications. It has been extensively and specifically adapted to the requirements of food producers.

"The system ensures a high level of reproducibility as the applied medium quantity always remains constant regardless of the ambient conditions," says Hary Kosciesza, Business Development Manager of technotrans. Thanks to its special high-frequency valves, the spray.xact food system does not require any compressed air. In addition, the valves can be temperature-controlled, thereby keeping the viscosity of the media at a sufficiently low level which, in turn, guarantees a precise spray pattern. There is no need for an extraction system as the spray.xact food spray lubrication system produces hardly any mist.

Linder Tiefkühlbackwaren is the pilot user of the spray.xact food system. The family-owned company, which was founded in 1992, has 65 employees and produces a wide range of frozen bread and bread rolls, including in the form of puff pastry or Danish pastry. What makes Linder special is that they use high-quality flour from their own production and are highly flexible when it comes to developing new products. During the production of the baked goods, robots place the baking sheets on a conveyor from where they are transported to the spray lubrication station where the release agent is applied. Then, the raw pastries are placed on the baking sheets. In the past, Linder used a conventional spraying system with two-media nozzles, but the results were unsatisfactory. The imprecise quantities and unwanted mist led to a contamination of the environment and a high release agent consumption.

Higher product quality with a reduced material usage
"The technotrans solution enables us to apply minimal oil quantities with a very high level of precision to fulfil the most stringent hygiene standards and to further improve our product quality," says Daniel Linder, Managing Director of Linder Tiefkühlbackwaren. As a result, Linder was able to reduce the release agent consumption by approximately 30%. technotrans uses standards-compliant, food-safe materials and mainly smooth surfaces for their solutions in order to fulfil the stringent hygiene regulations. In addition, the system can be cleaned very fast and fully automatically thanks to an integrated flushing line.

The spray.xact food system not only ensures the precise application of oil. It is also characterised by a high level of user friendliness thanks to its intuitive operating panel and smart control unit. In addition, it has a modular design so that the number and arrangement of the valves as well as the spraying widths can be configured flexibly depending on the actual requirements. The high level of flexibility is also true when it comes to the spraying media: In a first series of tests, Linder used the technotrans system to apply icing to the products.

During the project, technotrans provided all the services, from project planning and commissioning to the on-site technical training of the Linder employees. The producer of frozen bakery goods will continue the cooperation with technotrans in the future: "We are very happy about the results and uncomplicated relationship and, therefore, we plan to equip all our remaining production systems with the technotrans solution," says Linder.