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Ad hoc: technotrans posts growth of revenue and earning in third quarter

The revenue of the technotrans Group for the third quarter of the 2010 financial year amounted to slightly more than € 21.4 million and was therefore both higher than the level of the second quarter and 13.3% above the figure for the prior-year quarter (€ 18.9 million).

The recovery was driven substantially by the Technology segment, where revenue in Q3 was 21.0% up on the figure for the prior-year quarter. Revenue for the first nine months of the financial year reached € 62.2 million, broadly on a par with the prior-year period (€ 62.6 million).

With revenue remaining virtually unchanged from the previous year, earnings saw a marked improvement. Gross profit at the nine-month mark was up 13.3% to € 20.8 million (previous year € 18.4 million), and the gross margin reached 33.4%. The operating result (EBIT) was positive in the third quarter at € 0.9 million (previous year: € -4.5 million). After nine months EBIT was € 2.5 million, representing an EBIT margin of 4.0 %. The objective of steering the company back to stable profitability in 2010 was achieved.

More details regarding the business development can be found in the Interim Report, which is available under Investor Relations.

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