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Wasser-Aufbereitung, Typ basic.r

basic.r - water preparation

The compact soution for water preparation. In many industrial liquid processes, the use of treated water eliminates many problems. 

Advantages at a glance:

  • stabilized water quality at a reasonable price
  • easy installation, operation and control
  • 100% process water, no drain required
  • functional cabinet
  • combined pre-filtration with activated carbon
  • conductivity measurement with display
  • optional rehardening doser, type fluidos

The compact water treatment unit basic.r is ideal for many applications, not only for use with dampening solution in offset printing processes. When washing blanket cylinders, rehardened process water prevents depositions and corrosion. Therefore blankets can be used longer. In the pre-press stage DI water can also increase the stability during printing plate exposure.


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