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energieeffizientes Kombinationsgerät zur Freuchtmittel-Aufbereitung und Farbwerk-Temperierung, Typ beta.c eco

beta.c eco+ - energy-efficient combination unit

The energy efficient variant of the combination unit beta.c fully meets requirements for a cost-efficient, stable and process-optimised production in modern offset printing.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • cooling of ink units can be carried out directly via the free cooler for up to 80% of the annual operation
    • digital scroll technology for infinitely variable adaption of the refrigeration capacity to the actual requirement
    • speed controlled temperature control circuit pump to ensure an infinitely variable adjustment of the volumetric
    • in combination with eco additionally considerably reduced energy requirement due to speed controlled chill water pump
    • save on additives due to highly precise measuring and dosing systems
    • consumption data monitoring water, additives and optionally IPA
    • optional dampening solution fine filtration beta.f for high endurance of dampening solution and filters
  • Overview

    beta.c eco+ - energy efficient combination unit

    • for great saving potential
    • helps preserve resources
    • reduces emission of CO2

    With the eco series of combination units from the beta.line, printing companies benefit from a number of special advantages.

    The main goal is to lower operating costs, something that can be achieved primarily by using the significant potential that reducing power consumption offers. At the same time, precise dosing, accurate measuring and control technology and high-quality filtration also play a major role.

    The combination of all functions of this system reduces fixed costs by at least fifty percent. Environmentally-friendly printing and conservation of resources are conclusive arguments for your future-driven investment into saving potential.

  • Efficiency

    calculation base - energy saving potential

    • beta.c eco+ including chiller and
    • 250 work days with 16 hours each
    • 75% machine up-time
    • 80% beta.c  utilization
    • 0.12 €/kWh power costs

    beta.c 170 - e.g. format 3B - 5 print units
    beta.c 280 - e.g. format 3B - 8 print units
    beta.c 450 - e.g. format 6/7 - 8 print units

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