Zeitungsdruckmaschine mit technotrans Equipment
alpha.r - Umkehr-Osmose Anlage zur Wasser-Aufbereitung

alpha.r - Water preparation system

Professional printshops know: the water used has considerable influence on the quality of the printed product.

Only a consistently high water quality can ensure that the dampening solution is ideal for printing. It alo enables printers to reduce the use of additives and alcohol. With the reverse osmosis units alpha.r printing companies worldwide use the powerful water preparation systems from technotrans and considerably improve their processes.The capacity and size of this unique system can easily be configured to meet the special requirements of each individual user.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • various water preparation models with performance levels to meet any requirement
    • modular design for maximum flexibility in configuration
    • preparation of 1,000 (alpha.r 10) to 6,000 (alpha.r 60) litres of water daily, depending on configuration
    • full control over the water quality to ensure the print quality
    • reduced alcohol and additive consumption
    • user-driven configuration options to perfectly meet every day requirements


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