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loop.40 - Filtration ohne Verbrauchsmaterial

loop.40 - filtration without consumables

The loop.40 offers a compact, user-friendly solution

Without needing consumables and without influencing the printing process as such, the loop.40 cleans the dampening solution using centrifugal force. Dirt and sludge collect at the sides of the mobile container, which is emptied manually at regular intervals. The loop.40 is in the bypass to the circulator and feeds the cleaned dampening solution back into the circuit. All activities at the unit can be carried out while the printing press is running.

Apart from the marked reduction in cleaning requirements, there is also less danger of the heat exchangers clogging up - increasing the process stability overall.

  • Advantages

    Advantages at a glance:

    • increased productivity - reduced operating costs
    • less maintenance and cleaning costs
    • less downtime, due to improved dampening solution quality
    • hardly any scaling in the dampening solution trays
    • no consumables required 
    • easy operation
    • quick and easy retrofit
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