Your relevant contact person

Establishing a direct line of communication!

Every applicant has a fixed contact person to provide support and guidance throughout the entire application process.

Do you have questions, for example, regarding a formal training programme or a dual education programme at technotrans? Or perhaps concerning the department of Operations, including Logistics and Overhead? Ms Tina Wegmeth would be happy to address these questions – via telephone, e-mail or regular mail.

Ms Astrid Borgmann is looking forward to answer questions about the department of Technics, Sales & Services.

Astrid Borgmann - Personalreferentin

technotrans SE
Ms Astrid Borgmann
Robert-Linnemann-Str. 17 - 48336 Sassenberg
Tel.: 02583-301 1226 - Fax: 02583-301 1789

Last, but not least, Mr Timo Sterzl handles career opportunities in Management.

technotrans SE
Mr Timo Sterzl
Robert-Linnemann-Str. 17 - 48336 Sassenberg
Tel.: 02583-301 1844 - Fax: 02583-301 1789