Our employees introduce themselves

Our employees and their CVs are just as diverse as our portfolio of products and services. To give you an initial impression of what career paths are possible at technotrans, we have assembled a cross-section of career paths.

Björn Tegelkamp, Designer and CAD Coordinator

Studies as a career gateway

Björn Tegelkamp started training as an engineering draughtsman (now: engineering product designer) at technotrans in August 2000 and was taken on in 2003. On his own initiative he then took evening classes for an extra-occupational qualification as technician. Mr Tegelkamp then worked in that position from 2007 until he decided to go into full-time studies as process engineer in order to improve his vocational qualifications. He left our company for the duration of his studies. But we never had the feeling he was gone for good, because Björn Tegelkamp came in to us several times a week as a student trainee, helping for instance in Central Process Support.

This bond with technotrans then helped him to reintegrate into our company after he had finished his studies – this time as a designer with additional responsibility for CAD coordination. It proved a big advantage that Mr Tegelkamp already knew the relevant colleagues and teams, thus reducing his integration time to a minimum.

Björn Tegelkamp now regards one of his career highlights as the realisation of a cooling device for medical and scanner technology that maintains a constant temperature in an MRT. As project manager, he held responsibility for technical pre-clarification with the Sales department, for the design process itself, for supervising the building of the prototype and then for the performance tests on the test bench.

In the CAD Coordination area he is currently responsible for the introduction of Solid Works 2016 and therefore the installation and testing of the new software, the training of employees and the coordination processes with our subsidiaries. A responsibility that Björn Tegelkamp has earned over the years through his complete dedication and independent initiative, and one where we are fully confident of his capabilities.

This is another example that shows how the further development and advancement of our employees are very important to us. Even if they take place away from our company, nothing usually bars a return to technotrans.

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  • Wilhelm Roer, Design Manager with specialist responsibility

    Developer with responsibility

    Wilhelm Roer has now been employed by our company for almost 17 years. After training as an installation mechanic and then qualifying as a state-certified mechanical engineering technician, he joined our company in October 1999. His career path progressed on to working as a designer and, since the start of 2010, as Design Manager, leading into his current position as Line Manager for Mechanical Systems; in other words, he is responsible for one defined technical area within two business units. On-the-job advanced training as a state-certified technical manager completes his profile.

    Mr Roer is one of our leading designers and has gained a name for himself by personally creating a succession of products and technical solutions. Reason enough why he is now in charge of a technical area. One career highlight that Mr Roer fondly remembers is leading a project on the development of an equipment series for a major manufacturer of fibre laser cutting systems. From the initial technical contact with the customer, through development of the idea and concept, to the detailed design and its integration into the customer machine, Mr Roer was the prime mover, handling the task with passion and to the immense satisfaction of all parties. When the system subsequently needed to be adapted for the Asian market, he got involved by providing support for the Chinese client and the local colleagues.

    So what fascinates Mr Roer about his work? Operating as part of a team and developing products and systems that ultimately function perfectly. Other attractions for him include being the interface between a large number of internal departments, developing a cost-effective and efficient solution hand in hand with the customer, and also involving suppliers in the technical execution process.

    Precisely this interdisciplinary but intercultural form of collaboration is something we expect and encourage at our company. And of course, we like to delegate responsibility to motivated, capable employees such as Mr Roer.

  • Klaus Beike, Head of International Quality Management

    Responsible for worldwide quality: from Hong Kong to Chicago

    Klaus Beike joined technotrans in May 1996 as engineering draughtsman in the Design department, then soon switched to Development. From 1999 to 2009 he was a planner in Production Steering, where in 2001 he took over as Team Leader including Material Planning. From May 2008 to May 2013 Klaus Beike was an employee representative on the Supervisory Board, which he still regards as one of his career highlights. Since the start of 2010 he has been Head of the staff function Central Process Support, and since 2013 he has also been Head of International Quality Management.

    During his time at technotrans, Mr Beike has not only qualified as a technician in production technology and as technical business manager, but also completed his University of Applied Sciences studies in Industrial Engineering, which then led to his MBA.

    As a senior quality management officer Klaus Beike is today responsible for implementing, monitoring and developing quality management systems (QMS) that maintain top-quality operations in all our business segments. Precisely that is what appeals to him about his work: contact with the various different areas and our (international) subsidiaries, the scrutinising of existing business processes and intercultural exchanges, whether with Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai or Chicago.

    “At technotrans things happen!” Klaus Beike has had that feeling since its very first days at the company. All thanks to new application areas and products, but also thanks to the new processes that we develop and implement – whether in Quality Assurance or other areas. “You need to retain a degree of adaptability within your task area, but also in the markets and sectors,” adds Beike – something that is indispensable for us as a company. Because to succeed long-term, you need to dare to try out new things.

  • Anne Beckmann, Customer Service Support Team Leader

    Leading the way with excellent service

    Anne Beckmann started her career at technotrans in August 2002 – by pursuing a dual course of study as Business Administrator (VWA) incorporating vocational training as an industrial manager. She was subsequently taken on by the Service department as Business Administrator and Assistant to the Head of Service; following the successful launch of SAP in Service in 2007, she then assumed the role of Team Leader for Assignment Planning in April 2008. The alignment of business processes with customer wishes was the starting point for a restructuring within Service, for which she and the Head of Service laid the foundations for our successful Customer Service Support in 2011.

    This comment by 33-year-old Beckmann encapsulates her view of what Service is about: “Our Service is good. But nothing that’s good can’t be made even better.” That is a stance that we at technotrans have taken to heart. Only by steadily developing and improving will we succeed in delighting our customers every day anew, and impressing them with our product and service quality.

    In her capacity as team leader, Anne Beckmann coordinates both her own task area and the interfaces with the field service and training areas. She particularly appreciates the international working environment at technotrans, as well as the many and varied industries and application areas in which we are active. The direct contact with customers and especially leading a team also appeal to her.

    Anne Beckmann has been on parental leave since February 2016 and finds a worthy successor in Mr Lohde. And she maintains regular contact with technotrans to make her reintegration as straightforward as possible.

    That, too, is one of our strengths: the flexibility that we offer our employees with the various working hours models, and therefore the scope to accommodate individual requirements to the greatest possible extent.

  • Raimund Hemsath, skilled fitter

    Back to his roots

    Raimund Hemsath joined our company’s production operations in June 2001 as a skilled fitter, and worked for technotrans until July 2010 while taking his master craftsman certificate extra-professionally. Unfortunately we were unable to offer him a suitable position at that point in time, so Mr Hemsath left us to spend the next five years working in wholesale distribution and as a master craftsman at a small business. In September 2015 Raimund Hemsath returned to our company and we value his immense specialist expertise and reliable work as much as ever.

    There were several reasons for Mr Hemsath’s return: first, he was already acquainted with us as a company, a working environment and a place with a good working atmosphere. Second, he appreciates the varied activities on offer at technotrans, the way that he can work closely and constructively with Planning, the flat hierarchies and a job offering long-term security.

    According to Hemsath, to work at technotrans you need to offer above all the following things: team spirit, a relish for your work and the readiness to fit into existing structures.

    And that is precisely what is important to us as a company: good cooperation, the ability to rub along well with others, and the sense that you are achieving something together.

  • Jonas Dahlke, skilled worker (prospective trainer)

    From training to trainer

    Jonas Dahlke has been working for us since August 2010. He started his career by training as a mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology (qualifying faster than normal, thanks to his impressive performance) and completed his training in 2013 as the Chamber of Commerce’s Best in Class. He was taken on as a skilled fitter and in 2014 moved to the position of skilled worker. Since the start of 2015 Mr Dahlke has gradually been eased into the role of trainer for mechatronics engineers for refrigeration technology and is at the same time completing his master craftsman training, which he should finish this year.

    Right from the start, we have been impressed with Jonas Dahlke’s outstanding technical skills, coupled with a confident manner, so he seemed predestined for his future role as trainer. Mr Dahlke comes from the region and identifies with the company not just on the strength of its local status and profile. His field of activity appeals to him because of the varied tasks, and above all the personal contact with the apprentices and the opportunity to pass on theory and practical knowledge. A very responsible mission that he is rising to admirably.

    It is especially remarkable to point out that Mr Dahlke has stepped into the role of technical trainer for the “mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology” training course at the age of just 21 and, once he has completed his master craftsman training, will be fully responsible for that role. He is also responsible for developing the new training workshop. In addition, he has helped various regional schools partnerships get off the ground in the past few years.

    Such an achievement cannot be taken for granted. Yet we are convinced about Jonas Dahlke’s abilities and sense of responsibility, which is why we as a company have no reservations about entrusting responsible tasks to employees who are young in years.

  • Timo Sterzl, Head of HR

    From apprentice to Head of Department

    Timo Sterzl has been working for our company since August 2001. He started training as an industrial manager, qualifying in 2003. He took on the role of personnel administrator, then was promoted to personnel manager in 2006 thanks to having since qualified extra-professionally as a certified personnel officer. In 2008 Mr Sterzl completed his advanced training as a Human Resources Manager (VWA) and was appointed Head of HR.

    When Mr Sterzl joined our company 15 years ago, the criteria that swayed his decision were technotrans’ good reputation, its international make-up, the form and size of the company, plus the dynamic team. Just some of the reasons that appeal to many of today’s applicants, too. 

    Having worked for our company for so long, Mr Sterzl can offer even more sound arguments for joining technotrans: as a company, we explicitly advocate self-directed working and provide the right structures and framework for employees to experience precisely that. And working at technotrans is very multi-faceted and varied, line managers provide tremendous support and the development prospects of our company are everywhere in evidence.

    Mr Sterzl also pays a special compliment to his line manager, who had enough confidence in him to appoint him Head of HR at the age of just 28. As part of his work at technotrans, Timo Sterzl also participated in the introduction of our new, fair remuneration system as Project Manager. In addition, with his support human resources work for the entire group was restructured with the creation of a high-performance HR team (shared service centre organisation) and optimised through the adoption of appropriate software and new processes.

    Like many of his colleagues, Mr Sterzl too senses a very distinctive technotrans spirit that makes the company what it is, whether manifested in the highly collegial collaboration between employees, the unceasing drive for new ideas and solutions and the growth that this brings, or a fair pay structure in which performance is rewarded and carrying attractive benefits.

    As Timo Sterzl’s career shows, you don’t necessarily need to have studied to make good career progress at technotrans. With industry, passion and plenty of commitment – complemented of course by the right supplementary training – you can achieve a great deal at our company!

  • Sabrina Husemann, industrial management trainee (2nd year)

    From first date to training place

    Sabrina Husemann has been an industrial management trainee at technotrans since August 2014. She got to know our company at the 2013 Chamber of Commerce Speed Dating in Münster, an event where companies and students have a 10-minute meeting to get to know each other better. Ms Husemann was so impressed that she got in touch with our Human Resources department straight away to ask about a placement. The favourable impression was mutual, and we were very pleased to arrange the placement for her.

    Ms Husemann fitted in very well during the placement, so when it ended we offered her an industrial management training place, which she gladly accepted. What impressed her about us? It was our reputation as a dynamic, growth-led company with locations worldwide, our interesting opportunities for advancement and an acceptance rate of more than 90 percent for qualifying trainees.

    Now in her second year of training, Ms Husemann also praises the good support available for trainees from mentors and coaches. Alongside her specialist skills, technotrans encourages and expects skills such as a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and independent working. The team spirit, pleasant atmosphere in the company, consistent approach to knowledge management and acknowledgement of good performances are other positives that she singles out.

    Ms Husemann’s professional highlight in her still-young career: accompanying a service engineer on a visit to a key account and the direct contact with the customer that this established.

    That, too, reflects our self-view as a company that promotes its young talents: we prefer to train our specialists ourselves and with a practical emphasis – and offer them bright prospects for the future.

  • Lisa Christin Köster, dual student

    Two-track course for success

    Lisa Christin Köster completed her training at our company as an engineering draughtswoman specialising in electrical engineering, and qualified as best in class in North Rhine-Westphalia, something we are incredibly proud of. Straight afterwards she embarked on the dual course of study “Technical Systems Engineering – specialising in Electrical Engineering” at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, where she expects to graduate this summer. She would like to stay at technotrans, and we would of course be very happy for her to.

    She originally chose technotrans as her training company because it was local for her, the training content closely matched her own field of interest, and she had a favourable impression of our company and its employees. The latter argument is one that we hear time and time again, and like to see it as an endorsement of our well-balanced human resources approach and good in-house atmosphere.

    Ms Köster is also delighted with the highly practical tasks that are entrusted to trainees and students. “As a trainee engineer I find out in advance what tasks will await me later on and what it means to assume responsibility.” Both are aspects that are very important to us at technotrans. We therefore give our training the greatest possible practical orientation and encourage young people early on to lead projects and work together in a team.

    Lisa-Christin Köster also finds praise for the individual support offered, as well as for the good working atmosphere and the clarity offered about career opportunities.

    It’s perfectly clear: we like to invest in the future – whether in our own young talent or in unlocking new markets and therefore fresh areas of activity.