Gaining first insights

Every year we are offering a number of internships for grammar school students to provide the opportunity of getting to know technotrans closer and also to promote young talent early on and to help students choose a career. Internships are basically conceivable in any company department – you are welcome to submit your unsolicited application, even if no vacancies are posted.

We have had numerous positive experiences with our interns in the past few years, and often they opted to register for a formal training programme at technotrans. We have summarised the most important information regarding internships below.

Schülerpraktikum bei der technotrans AG

Minimum age

The minimum age for participating in an internship at technotrans is 14.

Duration of internship

We are flexible when it comes to the duration of an internship and we try to accommodate individual preferences when scheduling the time for the internship. We are dependent on the capacities of the relevant departments, however.

Application process

Any type of application is welcome, regardless whether you choose to e-mail it or use conventional means; though applications received using our online application form are given Preference.


It is important that the received application is complete, i.e., the preferred location and period for the internship must be indicated and a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and the most recent school report must be included.


We take all incoming applications into account and we will inform you on the status of the application, even in the case of rejection.


We plan for Girl's and Boy's Days in cooperation with schools, where students have the opportunity to come to know technotrans. Furthermore, we are offering professional field exploration days and trial internships.

Contact persons

Are you interested in an internship or need further information? Then please contact the person indicated below!