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Getting started

Looking for a cool future? We'll find it!

Have you asked yourself what you are going to do once you are finished with school? We think you could do a lot! technotrans is offering many opportunities and prospects for a secure future.

der Einstieg für Schüler bei technotrans

Have we piqued your interest? Then come and join us!

technotrans is actively involved in promoting new talent: Close to 12 percent of our staff at the Sassenberg location in Germany are apprentices. Are you open-minded and motivated, and would like to explore fresh challenges in a young and dynamic team? Then come and join us! We are offering apprenticeships for occupations in the administrative and accounting area or the technical and industrial area. Having successfully completed a formal training programme, there are great prospects for the future, including attractive compensation packages, plus, well over 90 percent of all apprentices are hired on a permanent basis. Because: We prefer to fill vacancies with first-rate professionals from our own talent pool!

Are you curious now? Learn more!

There are some things you can always rely on at technotrans: We support you as a partner and promote the mutual engagement in common activities; we are flexible and well-organised concerning the planning of formal training programmes. Your opinion always matters to us. In keeping with the corporate motto, "Think - Learn - Act“, we encourage you to think about "the obvious tried and trusted".   Your ideas thus contribute to the continuous improvement of formal training programmes offered at technotrans.

So, who's missing? You are! You should send us your application if you enjoy completing exciting tasks in a dynamic team. Share your enthusiasm with us and your future colleagues – we are looking forward to your application!

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Six building blocks for your future

  • Your training and education are important to us

    It is not just the number of apprentices that is high at technotrans, but the quality of training too. This is due to the fact that we leave nothing to chance: A standardized assessment procedure forms the basis, which is not only used for the assessment of apprentices but also to assess the quality at which training takes place in the departments. The dealing with constructive criticism and suggestions, based on assessment sheets, for example, is a part of our corporate culture and a success factor for the advancement of our range of training programmes.

  • Space to develop and grow

    We expect our apprentices to be able to work autonomously. Every apprentice has his or her area of responsibility in the departments. This serves to train for and foster the development of self-reliance and a sense of responsibility. Plus there is no confusion about what needs to be done; the tasks to be completed have already been set for the beginning of every day of training. Training projects with a practical slant in particular will challenge and boost their confidence: In the area of electrical engineering for example, apprentices at technotrans learn how to programme PLCs for refrigeration systems. Another learning project currently involves the making of a training video. The apprentices are fully responsible for project planning and project implementation. A professional camcorder is naturally available to the apprentices!

    Apprentices supporting apprentices

    A special Apprentice Marketing department has been established at technotrans. Here six apprentices are responsible for the department and the upkeep of an apprenticeship blog and a facebook page. With these resources, they help new apprentices to get started. In this way, new apprentices can be contacted before they get started with the company; first contacts can be made and information can be received. This department furthermore provides support and inspiration for all apprenticeship-relevant marketing activities.

  • Always at your side

    A mentor is assigned to every apprentice. Mentors are usually longstanding employees, from any company department, who are very familiar with the company. There are also coaches. These are apprentices undergoing their second or third year of training who give additional support. So, we're always at your side, during daily work routines or when you are preparing for exams.

    No problem with exam

    We are happy to provide support for studying and preparing for important exams: Our mechatronics technicians or mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology, for instance, are teaching once a week for half a day on the topic of electrical engineering within the scope of in-house instruction. There is also in-house instruction on the topic of drafting. This is where, together with product designers, subject matter is being taught and learned. Apprentices to become industrial management assistants can attend exam preparation instruction given by an engaged teacher before the examination takes place. There is a training centre for mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology where practical application and theoretical concepts from school are being discussed.

  • Making it easy to get started!

    All freshman apprentices are invited by the senior apprentices in June or July to attend an apprenticeship party where they can become acquainted with one another before the formal training programmes begin. But there is no problem if you miss this party: The first day of work of our apprentices serves the purpose of giving orientation and becoming acquainted with one another. You will meet new colleagues and get to know the Youth and Trainee Representation (Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung (JAV)) along with mentors and coaches. As a freshman apprentice you will also receive much information on the first day concerning the training programmes and daily work routines at technotrans. The structured training plan will be addressed which is being set up for the entire training period. Plus there is information on how our assessment system works and how training certificates are recorded, etc.

  • Receive a solid foundation

    Some basics are learned during the first weeks of training. All apprentices will attend a basic seminar regarding general information about technotrans, held by the board of directors. To this end, apprentices will become acquainted with the works council and the human resource department, receive instruction in customer orientation, attend a workshop on "How to properly manage telephone conversations", receive basic instruction in IT and SAP, and come to know in detail important computer programmes such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Furthermore, there are product training sessions and training courses on printing technologies, docuglobe and main processes at technotrans.

  • Recognised for development

    technotrans is among the leading companies that take on apprentices in the Warendorf district. We are proud of the variety of training courses we can offer, the number of apprentices we attract, and the number of applications we receive. technotrans has a good reputation as a pioneer in addressing various apprenticeship topics. This is confirmed by apprentices at technotrans, by applicants during interviews, by teachers and also by the chamber of industry and commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK)). The fact that the achievements of apprentices at technotrans are considered to be "outstanding" is evidenced by technotrans' apprentices having been awarded chamber and state titles for various professional occupations in the past few years. We have celebrated with our apprentices the earning of the chamber title award for mechatronics technician in refrigeration technology for the fourth time in a row in as many years. Visits abroad will also continue to play a more important role at technotrans in the future – we can already present the first examples of success.